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Recurring Dillerium Tremens

I have a friend who is a heavy drinker, most likely a  clinical alcoholic.  On a regular basis, he goes into a dillerious state that I can only describe as a living nightmare. He sees or decides crazy things are happening. Example:  He felt his girlfriend had been kidnapped by a sex black market and made to be raped by horrible people.  This happens after he has been drinking for a long time and is coming down.  These episodes last until he falls asleep in exhaustion.  

I drink and I have had to babysit more than one "spun" drunk in my life. But I have never seen anything like this.  He is totally convinced his visions are true. There is no talking him out of it. I have had to physically prevent him from exposing himself and others to real harm. His basic moral makeup is still in play, i.e. he will not hurt me when I fight him and his delusions.

This man is engaged to a wonderful member of my family. We accept drinking and partying and we like him. But this is beyond that which we can tolerate.  We are in a quandry because we like him and our dear cousin loves him.  We do not want to arbitrarily cut off the pending marriage. We want to understand, help and cure . . if we can.

What is this problem?  Is there a diatary or medicinal cure for this condition.  Please help us better understand this condition.

Thank You,
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sorry to hear about your friend, must be really tough to watch someone yo care about go through this. normal?? i don't know,  but i know people who have had hallucinations and dellusions after heavy drinking, if i did i was obviously too drunk to remember....lol...one thing crossed my mine while reading your post, alot of people are doing this now, video taping their friend or loved one while drunk and showing it to them while they are sober. just an idea that popped into my head, i have read where this helps some people

as far as what is his problem, well, i would enc0ourage him to seek medical attention to mane sure there is nothing else causing these episodes. if it only happens while he is drinking, i would venture to say he has a problem, an "allergy" to alcohol, an alcoholic. BUT-I AM NOT A DR., so my advice is simply coming form one alcoholic/addict to try to help another. if there is nothing medically wrong, he needs help for his addiction to alcohol, there is one thing i know...the dellusions do get worse over time, my brother gets them when he drinks and puts us through living he!!. i am sure i wasnt a bed of roses to be around myself...lol

good luck to you, you are a very caring person to care enough about this person to get answers...
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There are two possible outcomes here, your friends gets sober or he dies. No point in beating around the bush, the only way your friend will ever stop having these episodes is to stop drinking otherwise things are just going to get worse….. He needs help and people need to stop accepting this behaviour from him. This is not going to change whether he is married or single but when he dose get married how long will the marriage last?
Try and talk to him about getting seen by a doctor and getting into a rehab program…sorry about being blunt but I have seen so many friends die over addiction over the years, lives wasted.
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Listen, dear, this is NOT "just" a drunken stupor craziness, this is delirium tremens and that is LIFE THREATENING! That is not some moralistic comment by my, it IS! I have gone through many detoxes both at the hospital and by myself (which one should NEVER do) and I have been "lucky" to have never suffered from true DTs (I have had violent tremors, anxiety beyond belief, projectile vomiting for four days in a row, cold sweatings, heart palpitations, you name it), but still I have suffered what is called uncontrollable thoughts and have had smelling hallucinations. I have seen one of my best friends going through delirium AND seizures and when it has come to that it is time to stop as of yesterday! The DT's you are talking about in your friend's case are SO dangerous, please, don't be mistaken. I am very worreid about this situation since it seems noone understands it is SO the drinking.

This person needs to get 1. detox at a hospital. They give him sedatives, like Ativan, potassium drip, most likely regular drip and vitamin Bs (b1 and folic acid) and let him sleep and hopefully start to eat after a couple of days. 2. councelling, inpatient (rehab) or out patient councelling and maybe something to sleep on inititally 3. Regular support from people that are in recovery, like AA or Rational Recovery.

You should go do research on the Internet, it's all out there! Google "delirium tremens", "pancreas", "liver failure", "alcoholism", "detox" etc  If this man doesn't have insurance, at least the ER has to take him (and the medical bill can be arranged later, his LIFE is more important!) and there are subsidized councelling and/or rehabs in most states. Google social services and your state if that is the case. If he DOES have insurance, contact his doctor right away! Good luck.

And no, this is not a "LoL" or videotaping matter, this is life or death.
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If he doesnt get the help he needs NOW he is going to die.  Plain and simple.  Please get him into some sort of rehab facility today or even a hospital.  Dont take no for an answer.  I wish you all the best.......sara
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i in no way was making light of this situation with the videotaping or LOL comment, i am sorry you have to be so judgemental. i was merely stating that i personally never experienced that, or maybe i did but do not remember. but i do know that videotaping has saved quite a few lives. i only responded because it was early and no one else had, and wanted to keep the post up top. now that i read, i see how serious this is, i didnt know, but i dont believe i made it out to be anything less than a life or death situation since i did say to seek medical attention. the only thing i will say from here is i hope he gets help, and please dont judge certain words, we all dont have the perfect thing to say all the time, but i try to help.

Sara and Rod, wow, in all of my years out there i never heard of this. what an eye opener. i have seen delusions and all, but i figured it was just too much alcohol for the brain to handle...thanks for the education, i am always willing to listen and learn

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Yes my friend this happens and it is very dangerous.  There was a man in ICU when my dad was there back in 2005 due to this very thing.  So sad......It can happen to anyone in active using.  Another reason to be grateful for our sobreity.             sara
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very grateful,. just came from my meeting and we were discussing that, God i have been so lucky....thats all i can say..thanks sara
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