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Seizure from drinking?

Is it possible to have a seizure after drinking WAY too much?

I do not have a history of seizures, I've never had one. However after a night of entirely too much drinking (8hrs later), I was throwing up and right before I was about to, I felt like I was dreaming? and the next thing I know I am shaking uncontrollably and my face is smashing into the toilet bowl, resulting in a bloody lip.

I can only guess that this lasted about 15 seconds or so. I felt as if I was dreaming the entire time and then once I realized It was real I snapped out of it, with a bloody lip.

I almost feel as if it didn't happen..

did I have a Seizure?
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WOW. I don't know if it was an actual seizure; however, have you considered not doing that again?

You even admiited to "drinking WAY too much"....so, whatever happens after that could be a number of things. Try NOT drinking..see if it happens again???????

Just a suggestion.
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My brother use to have seizures with drinking... my advice is to get help, because when it comes to the point where you are having fits, you need help!!
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Please let me clarify, I've been drinking for 10 years. I've probably thrown up from drinking about 5 times in my life, this being one of the times.

I do not drink everyday, I don't even drink every weekend (although I used to).

What puzzles me is I did not even have that much to drink, I am almost thinking that I may have possibly been drugged.

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how much do you drink and how often?
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Hard to say.. I don't have a 'set schedule' of drinking.. I'd say it's extremely rare if I drink at all during the week, *IF* I do it will be one or two beers. I usually drink on the weekends socially, or for events (weddings, birthdays, etc)..

The amount will vary, most of the time I just stick to beer, usually about 1 or 2 an hour, and I only drink Light beer. Sometimes I will throw shots into the mix but it really depends on the occasion, the people I'm with, etc.

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I reckon that was then a one off due to the bender... alcoholic poisoning.  Just make sure you don't do it again
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I was thinking the same thing, I did not know you could have a seizure from alcohol poisioning.

I don't think I'll be touching alcohol for a while..def not hard alcohol..

I was mixing patron with jagermeister, and beer :( bad idea...

Thanks again!

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no problem... you certainly don't drink enough to be having alcohol related fits, my bother was on six litres of cider a day... and if he couldn't get it, then he fitted.  don't obsess about it, just learn from it and don't mix drinks, worse thing you can do.

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Can you have a seizure when withdrawing from alcohol?
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I have heard of people having seizures from alcohol withdawal the "DT"`s.
After a "good" wknd somtimes i twitch in my sleep and it wakes me up, somtimes i even make a wierd little noise also at these times it feels as tho i`m not actualy asleep. Its no so much my limbs that twitch altho they do but more so my head. I have also noticed some blood in my snot. I dont drink all the time mainly occasions on the weekend but there have been a few in a row lately
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Yes you can have seizures from drinking, along with strokes. I had a stroke when I was just hung over, and didn't know it until I had a flash back a year into recovery from alcoholism.  I was told that it doesn't matter what I drink, how much I drink, it is what happens when I drink. If I start having blackouts throwing up, and breaking out in spots like other states, jail, or getting into fights ect. I may want to stop doing the booze.  It sounds like you suffered acute alcohol poisening, and maybe your system is reacting alergically to the alcohol. I got to a point that I broke out in hives when I drank!
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Yes, you can have seizure from drinking too much and then stop drinking after you have been drinking for a long time...My mom has done this many many times...they do but her on something like depakote thats for bipolar and also helps with the seizures.
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I had a seizure trying to withdrawl from alcohol. Didnt even know I did until I woke up in the hospital. Doctors said that was really risky way to stop alcohol after many years of heavy drinking. But, being I was so used to having it I went right back and got drunk 2 days later. nasty addiction.
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Yes, my wife is an alcoholic, and has had several seizures after drinking. She, as one might expect, swears it has nothing to do with alcohol, but she has never had one without first consuming alcohol.
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You did not have a seizure that night. What happens is when a alcoholic drinks for long periods of time alcohol replaces a chemical in the brain called GABA. The brain no longer makes it the brain is dependent on alcohol.  GABA is a chemical in the brain which helps regulate CNS (Central Nervous System) when alcohol is stopped medical attention is needed not detox in order to help both restore the body and GABA. Otherwise the synapses in the brain shot off all at the same time. The body takes a shock more majorly the heart. There are two substance that bind to the GABA receptors in the brain Xanex and Alcohol. They can almost always get people off of drugs in the ER they can't always do that with those two. I am a Alcoholic STOP!!!!!! now it's a life of hell I lost 15 years of my life.
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You can actually get seizure like symptoms from drinking. You affected your cerebellum and it probably caused your body to want to throw up*Reject* the alcohol causing convulsion like symptoms of your body trying to rid itself of the alcohol(assuming you had already thrown up everything your body could at that point). You are lucky you are alright because when your body is trying to eject the alcohol in this manor it is usually caused by alcohol poisoning. Good thing you didn't relax your brain to the point that you stoped breathing. I recommend to NOT drink this much again. <3
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I have had one of those seizures as well. however i only had 3 drinks that nite! i felt hot n i dnt remember falling but my boyfriend said that i was sitting down n i was jerking thn i was ok. thn i fell bck hitting my head n did it again with my eyes rolling bck. thn i got up n got in the bed like nothing happened n only a few bruises . idk but it will never happen again!
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Hey, d exact same thing happened to ME.. 1 night I was drinking with family & friends... Later that night my bf & I left to get in d bed... We were actually messing around and out of NO where I started Shaking Uncontrolably Like CRAZY & I couldn't STOP... It was like I lost control of my body! And my bf had no clue what was happening he grabbed me and shook me... He was like stop doing that whats wrong with u... I tried to explain to him I can't stop... And eventually it just went away... I've never had a Seizure b4 so I'm very confused... I just came here 4 answers...
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well dear, I've had  a few seizures in the last year. I can handle being in public. I've been in and out of rehab four times, in and out of AA for 12. But right now it's to the point I have stop drinking cause the seizures are too severe and panic attacks and anxiety. I just hope it goes away quick.
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I got extremely wasted one night, mixing different alcochols, ended up puking and passing out. I got dropped off at my house and I went to sleep at 4:00 am, Next thing I recall at 11:00 am is that I was in a semi-sleep state when all of a sudden my whole body started twitching uncontrollably, even my breath was irregular and quick, my eyes were semi-open, thought I was dreaming but then I realized I wasn&#39;t so I snaped out of it right after 10 seconds and then I said holy **** what was that dude! True story, never happened to me before, never happened again since. I'll never get that drunk again (it's funny tho.. felt like a deja vu), hangover was awful, besides my memory ***** nowadays. It's been 5 days since that drinking binge. I'm 26 and recovery is much slower than when I was younger. sobering up can take up to 2 days, amazing how my grandpa could drink that much when he was old.
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My bf has like 6 seizures back to back fr drinking after he&#39;s done drinking on a heavy night he sits back his hands start shaking and before you know it violent seizures hit him and I know the signs when it&#39;s getting ready to start.. the last incident he had it happened 6 times within an hour an 15 min he was picking up furniture while having a seizure every time and punching the bed full force good thing I was not asleep next to him or prob wud of been dead or hurt badly he&#39;s a big boy an I&#39;m like 5ft 115 lbs..wen he comes to he&#39;s lost confused and recalls nothing jus very exhausted I walk him threw his seizures every time they happen an I don&#39;t sleep for a day or 2 after cuz I&#39;m watching him..cuz I&#39;m worried and scared I will lose him I recorded his last seizure while helping him threw them and showed him the next day he recalls nothing..my advice limit itself..my bf is working on that now..
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Yes, drinking causes dehydration, leads to electrolyte imbalance &amp; can result in seizure. Now that you&#39;ve had one, you need to be careful but it doesn&#39;t mean you&#39;re epileptic; you may however, be developing an allergy to alcohol. Please be careful.
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