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Stopped drinking 3 years ago and never felt worse.

I used to drink very heavy about 15 years ago but I stopped for a long time and then started doing it sensibly up to 3 years ago when I stopped drinking alcohol to look after my mum who became ill. I was doing fine until this year when I started getting excruciating pain up and down the left side of my head with high heart rate when it happens. I also have a lazy eye and ringing in my ears. I only get these pains twice a day but it can leave me shaking for hours. I got diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia but was wondering if anyone knows if these are symptoms of wet brain. I'm now waiting on results of an MRI but am worrying myself sick.
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Try googling Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome for an in depth description; it's usually related to long term alcoholism. I hope you find the answers you're looking for :) Best Wishes
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What were the results of your MRI?did u have a CAT scan?
Had MRI which showed some deterioration at the back of my brain which I think happened when I was drinking heavy. But the neurologist found no other damage.
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Have you been tested for Lymes Disease by chance??
No I haven’t and am still no closer to finding out what’s wrong
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