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Throat And Neck Bad

ive been drinking heavily for 15 years. i havent worked in 20 and my day is spent in bed by my computer. i lay down pretty much, my neck has hurt for alot of years, not serious pain but serious enough to be a problem. just recently its been getting bad, i wake up from sleeping and its bad, i cant even lift a spoon up to eat.

this is what really bothers me. i live by myself and am on social security, i dont get to eat alot and like ten years ago my whole mouth and throat are just dry and uncomfortable. i smoke alot and legal tobacco from a pipe. the throat part is really bad. ill have to spit and alot of the times i have to vomit, i have a garbage next to me and can happen alot during the day, sometimes im gasping for breath and i get a headrush.

what can i do for my mouth and throat, its really bad and for a long time. its just a dry bland taste for years

i understand the drinking makes my neck hurt and my whole body, what can i do
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What can I say, my friend.   You are abusing your body, and the combo of smoking/drinking is a risk factor for throat issues, including ulcers, cancer, etc.

You need to see a doctor to find out what is going on.  In them meantime, try not to smoke so much, if you can.

Good luck.
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i need a remedy or something to soothe my throat and mouth is what i was looking for. doctor is just tell me to quit, i have no money anyway, fo, your not my friend
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You have money to buy cigarettes and alcohol.  

Actually, I was giving you advice that I thought would help you in the long run.  "My friend" is just an expression I use to be kind.

Just ignore me if you don't like what I had to say.  Good luck.
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This is a wonderful site for those that are bedridden to find friends, so it's sad that you are not considering that angle...

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I did find one answer for helping with your sense of taste and smell though, online, but i forgot what it was now. Oops. You can find it if you read through the articles though. on dry mouth.
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