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Uncontrollable shaking while drinking (in particular, liquor)

So when I am drinking, sometimes I have these uncontrollable shakes as I drink down the vodka or rum. I do drink often, however, it can't be withdrawal because I still quite obviously have alcohol in my system. All I was able to find was how alcoholics can suffer from seizures and shaking after quitting drinking. Moreso, these shakes are quick and as I am drinking. And to be frank, it won't stop me from drinking, but I was curious as to why my body experiences this.
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My guess is that your liver is at its limit for processing alcohol and that you are experiencing acute alcohol poisoning. If you do not get control of this The damage can be irreversible. One of the most horrific deaths out there is liver failure and liver cancer One suffers so much.. I pray you get a handle on this and go for help as it is dangerous to cold turkey alcohol. We have a forum devoted to alcohol You may want to stop in and read for a lil our post this even Ibizan is the community leader and very knowledgeable.. I wish you the very best, lesa
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People can be in alcohol withdrawal,shake and continue to drink down!It sounds like you have quite the drinking issue!If its not going to stop you that is indeed sad.If you seriously want to stop,you would need medical assistance for an alcohol withdrawal- minus this can be fatal!
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