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Why ME

Why is it the only time im creative or motivated is when i drink? Im on here now because ive had a few allready and this is the only time i even think about it. Im a musician and i cant even be creative without a couple drinks. Is there a healthy allternative to this. i dont wnna keep going like this but im miserable
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The alcohol filter your fears and inhibitions and allows you to act in a more loose way. What might feel great at first but it can rapidly become a problem. Try to force yourself to act a bit more spontaneously without the influence of the alcohol. Think of the things you can do after a couple of drinks ( obviously the positive ones) and try doing it without the alcohol. Once you see you can , you won’t need the alcohol.
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I'm an artist and thought the same thing.
I found, eventually when the obsession for the drink was out of my head, artistic thoughts had room in there to flow
The beauty of creating without alcohol is that it is purely you. This I find more rewarding!
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