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Why wont she get help?

Hi I was just looking for some advice. My partners mother is a long term alcoholic I think about 18 years her husband has left and so has her daughter because of it. In the 3 years that they have gone she has started to drink from the time she gets up until she passes out throughout the day. My partner and I have 3 children and have just recently moved in with her there is a wall dividing so we have our own living space. She promised she would not drink around the children but she keeps breaking this promise and I can't let the kids out in the garden incase she is out there. When I a dress the situation she gets mad and will shout abusive names in front of the children. She is a lovely person when she is sober but so horrible when she drinks. It's like two very different people. She has been in treatment 3 times and it has not worked and she will not attend AA. I have snapped a few times then I feel really bad because i know she has a problem.i just dont know what to do anymore I don't want the kids to not see her as she is their grandmother but at the same time I don't think they need that in their life. I wish she would just get help I can't live here much longer like this and it's only been 3 weeks.any advice would be appreciated
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Its not that treatment doesn't work,she is not willing/ready to commit to sobriety/plus a program of recovery!It is wise of you to realize you and your children cannot continue to live like this much longer.Moving away from this sounds like the best decision for you and them!
I just wish I could help her but I guess she just can't be help until she wants to be. Yeah I can't let them grow up around that.Thank  you for your reply
I've been sober/clean for 34 years!I put myself thru a lot of hell for many years before I made the committment to stop the insanity!Attending Al-Anon meetings might be helpful to you!Its a support group for family members/loved ones for the alcoholic who keeps drinking.
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