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Will I get Dt's from drinking?

My drinking problem:

I am 32 yrs old. I've been drinking for around 7 or 8 years and drink anywhere from 17-22oz of vodka per night(Canadian booze; I was told it's a lot stronger than U.S booze--not sure). I am only 5'7 and 155lbs. I am addicted to getting hammered.. I very rarely drink a full 26er. I can only do that if I start drinking earlier in the day. I don't usually start drinking until around 7pm and drink until I fall asleep(usually 4-5 hours after starting drinking)....

I usually binge eat while I'm drinking as I get very hungry and it seems to balance my drinking off(if that makes sense)..

I have never taken a week off before. I took 5 days off about 2 years ago because I had to work nights. And I didn't even feel normal on the 5th day(still had eye bags and tiredness)

I still go to work every day; looking like i'm dead and with chronic exhaustion... I have gotten drunk every night and drank energy drinks every day for years... I would literally feel like I can drop dead at any second for about 4 years... I started getting anxiety symptoms 2 years ago and had these panic attacks... Had a scary panic attack 8 months ago and since I have stopped drinking the energy drinks... I don't have 'attacks' anymore; but I still feel anxiety symptoms. I shake and have muscle spasms and eye twitches all the time.

The last time I took 2 days off was 10 months ago, I had extreme mood swings, couldn't sleep at all and I resorted to drinking on the 3rd day.

I have also diagnosed myself with SPD(Schizoid Personality Disorder). I am the loner type which makes stopping(by myself) quite a bit harder..

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated...
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Be careful about diagnosing yourself with psychological disorders while you are actively drinking. Alcohol really messes with your mental state and your central nervous system. If you can kick the habit, you might be surprised to find that your fairly normal. Although no one can tell you with certainty, I think you would be likely to suffer DTs if you stop by yourself, and that can be very serious for your health (as in life or death).  Please seek some medical assistance in stopping; once you are past the first 10 days, the serious physical issues are over. I should warn you that the rest of recovery happens in stages. You will feel better after 10 days, but may still be tired and a little disoriented. But it gradually lifts. For me, every few months was a new gift of something better, as another symptom left me.

I can sympathize with your panic disorder; that happened to me after many years of drinking too. You can't stay young forever, and your body is trying to tell you something.  Get some medical help and quit drinking as soon as possible. And be patient when you quit, because it takes time.
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I'm on board with Jacker here 150%!only thing i can add is...I shudder at what your liver and kidneys must be experiencing!sigh!
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