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Withdrawal Question

Hello all I everyone is well.  I’ll get right into it.
I’m not an everyday or even every week drinker…but when I’m on holiday oh yes I am..heavy wouldn’t be a strong enough word.
So I just went to Europe and I pulled my normal crap, basically drinking 24/7 anything and everything…so after 2 weeks I come home and have to go back to work. I did my normal tapper method which has always worked in the past using the HMS method (basically a normal tapper).  This time is not working well I haven’t slept more then 8 hours total in the past 4 days, and on the night of day 4 I had an extreme terror when I got to sleep for about an hour.. has me really nervous this taper isn’t working. Every muscle was twitching and I’m nervous more is coming.
Yesterday I went to a hotel for a work project and this is where I sit now.  My taper went as follows.
Day 1 = 11
Day 2 = 8
Day 3 = 6
Day 4 = 3

Last night day 4 I had that extreme terror.  I have a prescription for Xanax .25 and I have about 10 pills left after just taking one.  Should I switch to the Xanax? Did I taper to fast? Basically I’m just looking for anyone’s thoughts or ideas.  I want avoid professional help if possible due to my position at work.  
Thanks and I hope everyone here is doing well :)
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Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal as well as Xanax and mixing them is NOT GOOD! If you do not seek medical help in withdrawing you could end up deceased! It doesn't sound like you were honest w/the professional who prescribed the Xanax @ your drinking?
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