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is getting 3-4 drinks every night  365 days of the year qualify  to be an alcoholic?
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the first sign of alcoholism....is if you wonder if you are one.
for an alcoholic, it is not how much you drink or how often you drink...it's what happens to you when you drink.

can you stop after one?  there is a saying "the alcoholic takes a drink, and then the drink takes a drink".  you lose control.  you can't pace yourself.  nothing becomes as important as obtaining that next drink...

I know
who just celebrated 10 years sober december 1!
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u took my comments right out of my mouth!good 4 u ..u go girl and keep going...10 years sober.....i celebrated 25 years sober/clean 11-22!is that a cocker with u?sweet looking dog......my retired greyhounds and rescue cats have been my best buds since 1993..have always loved dogs......dog is God spelled backwards ya know!:)such loving simple companionship devoid of fickleness! i revel in it!got a b-utiful 1/2 Maine coon kitty purring and knocking my arm for attention right now!
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I can't tell you whether you're an alcholic or not.  Can you stop?  Can you stop for 90 days to see what it does for your life?  If you are unable to stop for a period of time, then you have an addiction.  Give it a rest, and see what it does for your life.  I spent a few years at the 3-4 drink mark, before moving on to 5,6,7,8 and more.  You do not want to go there!
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