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hi im a week sober im in abit of pain on my leftside under my ribs and the other side is sore l have dirorrea its colour is yellow and as been for three weeks im on strong pain killers to ease the pain ive been drinking a year and a half one bottle of wine and two to three cans a day if you could help me it would be gratefull thankyou
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Go to an AA "open" meeting, grab a Big book, and a 12 step (guide) and try to use the group to help you quit,> If and when you are ready to do the first step. That is 1) We admitted we were powerless over alcohol, and that our lives have become unmanageable. So many people get through the detox, at home (which can be dangerous and is often done though a medically supervised detox).It's like it's all or nothing. Those that don't have the opportunity to go to a residential / outpatient Rehab Facility do not instead go to an Addictions Therapist and use them for the therapy that is many times necessary to quit an addictive substance. There you would learn that a program like AA is essential for many who have become clean and sober. So my advice to you is to get to a Rehab, or find a Private Addictions Therapist, (like you would a marriage counselor) - knock on wood) . and plan on attending AA, getting into going to "closed" meeting and listen and become involved when you're ready. Those who go early and set up chairs and make coffee feel the most comfortable to ask the old timers who they can access for a sponsor (a person that will be there for you when you want to "pick up". The program works, only if you work it. One day at a time. There are online meetings of AA that you can try out, but i think the personal draw of making friends at AA important. to the quality of life , moving forward.

Onward and Upward my friend.
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The pain in the right side is from gall bladder inflammation. The pain on the left is pancreatic inflammation. These are serious warning signs of advanced alcoholic damage. If you don't stop drinking completely you will end up dead.
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