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hangover anxiety

Hey guys..
I have been having a very bad reaction to alcohol all day. I am a weekend drinking, not always binge drinking, but yesterday I was at a day festival, and then went out, so I did drink rather alot. Today, I had a strange hangover and i'm still having it.
I woke up feeling like my throught was being squeezed, then,that went away, to be replaced with a fast heart rate, that went away, and now my chest feels tight. I know that this is prob anxiety, but I am still a bit worried as it's 4am here (I'm in the UK) and it's been over 24 hours i've been feeling like this now.

I wondered, if anyone else suffers with bad anxiety whilst having a hangover? the fast heart rate? and chest tightness? and, how do they resolve it? I have had a panic attack where I thought I was having a heart attack and called an ambulance... though my panic attacks are lessening, the anxiety comes back sometimes when I have a hangover.

any advice would be great.

I am worried about the tightness in my chest, though I seem to be breathing ok, and my hearts normal-so I'm guessing it's no heart attack, just anxiety?
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hi. there are a lot of parameters that would need to be examined to give you a definitive answer, but often common sense will prevail----have you been eating and sleeping well? exercising any? any other meds (prescribed or otherwise) being taken? any pre-existing conditions? are you under a lot of stress? often times it's the simple things, or lack thereof, that can have drastic effects. like ibizan said, your body is trying to tell you  something, and even a full medical exam might not tell all, but a doctor's evaluation could not hurt. best wishes--------gm
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It is a combination of anxiety and withdrawl. You drink all day, it could take 1-3 days to recover. You will start to feel better after several days. If I go out drinking all day and all night, I usually feels the effects for several days. That is why I want to quit drinking...it is hard to live and it doesn't feel great.

Drink lots of water. :)
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I get the same symptoms here to. I eat healthy, go to the gym, don't suffer from anxiety in real life. If I have a heavy session though I wake up feeling half drunk, but fairly ok. Around 3pm everything comes crashing down. I have panic attacks, worry about nothing, breath fast, chest tight, go hot and cold, think crazy thoughts. Lasts for 2 days. I've had blood tests done, everything is normal, tried every hang over cure going including L glutamine and milk thistle. Nothing works apart from sticking to a 12 unit limit. If i go over that i freak out the next day. Started when i was around 24 and has just got worse (27 now). Bad days. The only thing I have found that helps is forcing myself to go jogging or at very least walking. Going to the gym helps but i usually feel too self conscious in my messed up anxious phase. Try not to stay indoor it only makes it worse. Otherwise totally uncontrollable no matter how many breathing exercises or calming words I have with myself.
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This is a pretty old thread you pulled up, but it's still relevant.  I started to feel this way after quite a few years of drinking, and I think it was a sign that my body was reacting as an alcoholic for the first time (instead of reacting as a heavy drinker).  Alcohol effects the central nervous system and I believe this feeling is sort of like a "mini-withdrawal" after the alcohol leaves your body.....that's my personal feeling anyway.  Be very careful- if you do a lot of drinking in this condition you can be at risk for heart attack, stroke, or something along those lines. Your body is trying to tell you something- listen!
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Thanks guys for reactivating, I go through the same things, anxiety attacks, depression, my brain just goes berserk and cant think.. it just goes through all the negative things in my life and uncontrollable thoughts and terrible feelings. I have been living with this condition for 3 years now and it is really taking a toll on my mental state. 3 years ago I got caught up with my brother in laws brother (john, he has a history of drug and alcohol abuse and even tried to take his own life once) and between him my friends and family I found myself binging three to four times a week sometimes more for quite a few months (sufering hangovers at work) then one mid afternoon during a weekend hangover i started to get these real intense feelings that I wanted to harm myself or someone, my brain just seized, sweats, deep feelings of despair, my nervous system was shot, I was catatonic for around a week, I had to take Valium to relax, crying, scared ********, wondering how long it would last, kind of had a case of psychosis, thinking i was going insane, the gp put me on anti depressants which made things worse for me, got off them and started seeing the psychologist (he has been good), I have been having waves of attacks ever since, longest period free has been about 2 weeks, i is so friggen hard to deal with and i don't know how long i can put up with it, my brother took his own life and i don't want to put anyone through that, I have never attempted this (thought about it alot, and have probably come close) , I have been trying to give up drinking during the week and only drink on the weekend, I keep getting it somewhat under control, and then relax my control and then I may have a few too many drinks and drinking nights and then wham! (i don't drink by myself, only socially) I have been seeing the psychologist for the last 2 years and working through my issues, he told me last week that I don't have schizophrenia, i was kind of shocked when he said this after seeing him  for 2 years that he was contemplating that i might and it hadn't crossed my mind...maybe i have a lot of issues. i drink cause i enjoy it. I have had problems in the past being social and it seems the only way for me to be social is to drink, otherwise everything just seems awkward. I live in and around a real drinking culture and have friends and family who don't have the same problems as me, (though i seem to drink with everyone) and the only way to socialize with them is to drink? They enjoy my company when I drink. I am 38, it has helped me reading depression and anxiety forums when i am going through it, helps me relax, like right now... had a bit too big of a Fri & Sat nights, but reading this one, it seems that alot of my problems can be resolved by giving up drinking, it will be hard and alot of people around me will think and say that I am being a big wuse, but at the end of the day it is my life and I need to get this monkey off my back.
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i understand were your coming from i whent out friday for a friends birthday and now is sunday and im still in bed i havnt moved as feel scared , feel bruised all over , hot @ cold sweats and as for my head i feel like im loosing it i lie here heart racing , tight chest and when i do start to go into a deep sleep i find it that it feels like i stop breathing like a weight on my throat and i jump up and then my head starts playing mind games how long b4 it wears off ?????
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Hi. Once again, chronic alcohol use can have devastating effects on many parts of the body. Most common are problems with the digestive system, especially the liverwhich filters toxins from the blood. In time, what occurs is the liver becomes more and more inefficient in doing its job, and overconsumption of alcohol can introduce more than the liver can handle, as a result the excess alcohol circulates through the blood to all organs. This results in damage. The result of this is often sadly ultimate organ failure, which is a painful and slow death. I would highly reccomend seeing/ continuing to see a physician as well as looking into aa or other support group. Take care, GM /-
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I am very happy I found this!

I was reading about why I'd have breathing problems, sweating and a very weak feeling body after drinking only a drink past my normal amount. I am a very small girl, very active and super healthy (as much as I can be on a tight budget.)

I really think doctors should look into this, because it seems to be with many particular people a serious thing. Sometimes I feel like I am going to die and it takes, luckily, only a few hours to go away. I've had it last a few days, but the only thing on day 2 and on that is different is my digestion.

I guess the only thing you can do is drink little to none!
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welcome small girl:)how tall r u?how much do u weigh?so how much is a drink past your normal amount?numbers of drinks please?and in what time frame do u consume them?beer?liquor?
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I've been drinking most weekends for about 9 years now and I drink enough to make me black out most times. It's just the lifestyle I have.

Hangovers used to be fine when I was 17, but now at 26 they are very much like what people are describing - on the Sunday night after a Saturday drinking, I get a tight chest, feel the urge to breath really deep but it never feels right, and then just when I'm in bed just about to fall asleep my heart explodes and I start breathin really shallow and fast.

A horrible horrible feeling but I've been working on drinking less (not at all in fact) although there's always the odd weekend I "fall off the wagon" or whatever the term is.

I think what helps is living a healthy lifestyle in general (exercise, eat well, etc) which helps with the breathing but the real fix is to stop drinking entirely which I am working on.

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I had some of the most horrible hangovers ever.the tightnes on the chest and heart papilation is hard to take.also body jerks and sick ,not able to keep anything down.Couple of times...I was seriously thinking ,this is it.Trying to stay sober now.
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hope u give AA a try and do your best to stay around sober ppl....the light has gone on upstairs in ur head!
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i suffer with anxiety after a heavy night drinking it also i feel really low. but at the time you dont think of it and wish you never the day after
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Sorry I didn't take the time to read all the replies and sorry if someone already mentioned this. When I first read your post the first thing that came to my mind was Dehydration. It is very common after a hard nights drinking. Here's why:

While consuming such large amounts of alcohol it tends to make you urinate more often. Because of that you are striping your body of its electrolites. Hense causeing you the hang over. The next day your body is dehydrated (which has all kinds of side effects) and the electrolites need to be replaced. So you need to consume alot of fluid to help your body. Gatorade is full of electrolites and works best, thats why its so commonly used for people in sports that perspire alot. I hope this helps.
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i know exactly why this happens... first of all it only happens to people whom have an anxiety/ panic disorder. It has to do with the Serotonin and adrenaline levels in your body... When you are drinking your serotonine levels sky rocket and your adrenaline level dips a lot, so you feel a lot less anxiety when you are drunk depending on how much you drink, alcohol is a depressant/ a downer, that explains that... So when you are hungover the alcohol is leaving your body at a fast rate so your serotonine and adrenaline is restoring itself, so a normal person without anxiety will feel a little anxious with their hangover but, someone with anxiety feels the adrenaline 10 time worse. Your body is hot, tingling, heart rate fast... pretty much in panic mode thats why you feel more anxiety than usual because of the chemicals in your body already out of wack because of the anxiety disorder... when I go out drinking I make sure to have a long recovery time the next day... Before you pass out drink lots of water that helps a lot then in the morning I take 3 mg of xanax when the anxiety is getting pretty bad and 2 min. later the anxiety is gone COMPLETELY and I am fine the rest of the day after a 2-3 hour nap... But DON'T abuse the xanax as it is very addictive but works very very well with hangover anxiety... I hope this helps
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It is sheer folly to advise ppl here to use Xanax in moderation to cure a hangover.....most if not all pppl who post here about their alcohol use have a big issue w/alcohol and Xanax is the worst drug for them aside from the opiates.
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So when you take away the bad advice of using xanax you're left with nothing more than drinking a lot of water. I'm glad you figured it out!
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I think anyone and everyone who has experienced a panic attack would probably disagree with you on that... Xanax is addictive and very harmful if you abuse it but, in the event of severe anxiety and panic attacks it is still a medication prescribed to HELP relieve your anxiety, whatever the cause, be it alcohol hangover or personal stress, that's what I am most conserned with NOT the amount of peoples drinking. I leave it up to the individual and personal responsibility to manage their drinking... The obviouse answer is DON'T DRINK if it gives you anxiety, but I am answering the person's question and sharing my personal method of helping with hangover anxiety. I can understand where you're coming from but, when I have a panic attack, I can asure you that xanax doesn't seem all that bad when you're hyperventalating and think you're about to die...
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oh god hangover anxiety is bad, that is why i try and quit binging, but its hard, so im gonna go and drink some more to get rid of this feeling, even tho tomorrow it will double and the need to drink will get worst
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I somehow missed your post. I wouldn't think a doctor would prescribe xanax having any intentions for it to be used it as to cure for a hangover, that my friend IS abusing it. Alcoholism is a very deadly disease and offering suggestions that can lead to drug abuse is not helpful despite your honest intentions. We are people with addictive personalities so please keep that in mind when posting in this forum.

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i can always count on my administrative assistant here to offer good advice!i can't offer anything else...nuff said!
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Dear Drew

Reading your thread made me feel how I did just last week. I arrested for being drunk in a public place twice in one week. I woke up one morning and my whole apartment was smashed, glass everywhere. I went to a party and woke up with a cigarette burn on my wrist and a black eye, I guess someone punched me out because when I drink I am argumentative and extremely blunt, I tell people how I feel and don't care if it hurts them. It's the truth.

I figured the best thing for me to do was to run and go to my grandmothers so I would be forced to not drink. I swore to myself I would never drink again. I was on the bus to Toronto and had not drank for 2 days and all of the sudden I felt like I was out of my body and got feelings and uncontrollable thoughts that I was going to strangle someone on the bus or go into the bathroom and hurt myself. It scared the living **** out of me and I never want to feel like that again. I thought I was going insane. I ran to the hospital downtown Toronto as soon as I got off the bus.

My relationship ended and I wound up in a place I hated, I guess that's why I went so nuts with my drinking. This was just literally a few weeks ago. I woke up one morning and I was sweating, shaking, freezing cold and thought I was literally going to snap and turn szhizophrenic. I went to the hospital and they gave me 50 mg diazepam and I calmed down. However it took me 7 days to get my mind back on track and not feel like I was going crazy.

I keep swearing to myself I wont drink and only end up drinking time after time again. I know that if I continue I will end up in mental institution or in jail.

My life has been not one of an easy childhood and many hard experiences and looses I chose not to face....so I drink and I drink to the point I black out and am a danger to myself and others.

The only thing I can do to be a good person is not to drink...but I am petrified every day of my life to get wasted and feel the way I do after wards with anxiety, and feelings of losing control and going insane. I think it is what you said a psychosis and it is not fun.
Just writing this blog gives me the chills and brings me back to that feeling. You would think that one would do anything to avoid that feeling and be able to never drink. Not drinking is better than going through all of those terrible shakes and mental problems, but after a few days when my head is on straight again, the desire to drink comes back due to habbit.

Tried AA
Went to rehab
Seen addictions councellors
Psychitrist who just gave me a prescription so I ripped it up because I overdosed on lorazepam when I was drunk, so I figured it is best not to have pills in the house and now...pretty lost on what to do
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uncontrollable thoughts that I was going to strangle someone on the bus or go into the bathroom and hurt myself

Why would you ever  want to hurt someone?
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wow i am 27 also. u are the most similar case to my own. i am glad i am not alone, but do not wish what we go thru on anyone. with me my anxiety goes thru the roof from when i wake up (more so a couple hours after i wake up) and the anxiety doesnt go away till 24 hours from my last drink even tho im still tired after 24 hours. i literally count down the hours until the 24 hour mark. its hell in my mind and sometimes pyhiscal, it feels like i cant catch my breath, my chest tightens, increased and heavy heart beats, im scarred to choke on anything i eat or drink, feels like somethings in my throat, i hyperventalate and tingle all over my body, the back of my skull tightens, my arms and legs go numb somtimes from poor circulation, im extremely worried and scarred about everything. this kind of hangover only happens if i binge drink and blackout. if i never blackout, this all doesnt happen the next day. its truly scary in my mind even tho i know nothing seriously bad ever happens to me. the only thing that EVER helps is going for a super long walk outside. this is the only thing that calms me down. i heard anxiety is extra adrenaline ur body is producing and sends ur body into "flight or fight" and since u arent do anything at the time, thats why u are so anxious. alcohol withdrawl brings this on heavy. thats why walking for me helps. its using up that extra adrenaline. one time i walked for 13 hours outside, when id stop walking my mind and body would be in hell. i know the solution is to not drink as much or at all, but easier said than done. good luck to all & know u are NOT alone in this madness, and nothing bad is going to happen to u and with TIME it will pass and u will go back to normal, try copeing the best way u know how. and def do NOT be around someone who doesnt understand it or is loud andf obnoxious. if ur going to be with someone, pick a calm person
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ps if u dont like going for walks. keep urself busy!!!!! esp ur mind. text alot of people all day so ur mind is concentrated on something else. if im not going for a walk i try to text alot and go on facebook and interact there. i also dont mind working on days like this even tho im so sick. im a waitress/bartender so i am constantly moving and my mind is distracted on getting the task done and makes the time go by faster. and if ur laying down watching tv, dont watch anything dramatic or itense. leave light and funny things on. intense things throw me into anxiety . hope some of this helps
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I also have had this happen to me before. With myself it only happens after a heavy drinking session. I had the worst panic attack I've ever had yesterday. I only have these panic attacks when I'm extremely hungover. I felt like I couldn't breathe, but was breathing. Also felt like my heart was racing at times and like I was going to pass out. I also had a warm burning sensation in my stomach and my. Hands were tingling. Does anyone know what this is?
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It is really good to see people who can relate to me. I have suffered from panic attacks from the age of 20 and i am 28 now. I blame it partly on the media for the shock stories we are exposed too. I have become somewhat of a panic connoisseur and although I have not found the route cause of the attacks and anxiety I do not what triggers an attack, and I know the best methods to prevent an attack.

I do agree with everyone go and get checked out at the hospital check your heart is good, check your vitals are well, have that piece of mind because without that knowledge it is tough to convince yourself.

It is harsh reality for me the bad things in life which i enjoy are my triggers, the things which require effort and are more difficult to include in my lifestyle are the things which help get rid of panick attacks.

Let me explain, smoking and alcohol and no exercise are my triggers. Alcohol the day after and the withdrawal are so tough for me, I experience so much anxiety it prevents me from taking my shirt off or having a shower because for some reason it will make me panick to see my naked chest, for some unknown reason having a shower can trigger an attack as much as i love taking showers. I know if i do not drink I will 95% stop my panic attacks. Smoking, does not help me as i know it is unhealthy but It is not a direct trigger.

When I exercise and dont drink my panic goes away completely, I am no longer a drinker and I have made this lifestyle change solely because of my panic attacks when I am hungover, it is tough at the start but now it is become who I am. I know longer want to feel so empty that I have had enough of the panic that I am ready just to die and have mentally prepared myself for death because of the panic.

Even though it is expensive i would suggest, if all other routes are not working, try some hypnotherapy from a clinical hypnotherapist because they are not trippy they are scientific and use your subconscious to train your body, I have had it, it does work for me but I moved house and did not complete the course.
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After a night drinking and smoking some cigarrets i am know feeling shakie, cold, nervious. What can i do to  remedie this?
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Your going threw withdrawal.  Drink alot of water,take a vitamin and ride it out.  Next time don't drink so much.
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I have had a variety of this happen to me for the past 4-5 months now and it was extremely frightening at first.  This could be totally different from what is causing your anxiety/feelings but here is what I find usually happens to me:

Heavy drinking the night before will lead to a feeling of chest tightness/pressure that makes it feel hard to breathe or hard to breathe deeply.  I've found that although it feels like my heart is racing, it really isn't beating much faster than normal, it just feels like each heart beat can be felt throughout my whole body.  For me, I have found that drinking heavily causes the chest discomfort and the chest discomfort causes the anxiety.  Along with the anxiety comes some rapid breathing, nervousness, numbness/tingling in the extremities.

Again this is simply what I have found works for me, but I have tried many, many things to remedy this feeling and so far I have the following:
- I strongly believe that the chest pressure and shortness of breath is gas-related.  Gas pressure pushing up from the stomach on the diaphragm and putting pressure on the lungs.  I have also been told that gas pressure can be felt in the chest/back/shoulders.
- Following this thinking, during one of my hangovers I took a 300mg Zantac to try and relieve this pressure.  DO NOT ever take Zantac with alcohol in your system, I immediately felt like my face/head was on fire and vomited for 2 hours. (I haven't vomited from drinking in 3-4 years)
- Just yesterday, after a heavy night of drinking of Saturday,  I was feeling a bit hung over, ate Easter dinner, and immediately felt the pressure and anxiety hit me.  I took a GasX (my new favorite buddy) and laid down for 15-20 min and the chest pressure was gone.  I could still feel some small discomfort in my left chest/shoulder area but just a small soreness.
-  On some really bad days, and this has only happened once or twice for me, this anxiety/discomfort will hit again at night when I'm ready to go to sleep.  Again I will take a GasX and a 5mg melatonin (natural sleep aid) and before I know it I am waking up the next morning feeling pretty good, just a little drowsy from the melatonin.
-  For the anxiety aspect, I have found there's nothing to do other than stay calm as best as possible.  For me, I have had this happen 10+ times so I tell myself "OK, you've had this feeling 10 times and it hasn't killed you or done any serious physical harm yet, just wait it out."

Lastly, let me add that after the first time I felt this chest pain I consulted a walk-in medical care place near my house and they hooked me up to an EKG and also tested my lung capacity.  Always consult a doctor if you have new chest pain or anything out of the ordinary.

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I'm just back from a 3 day stag in benalmadena and have never experienced a hangover like I'm experiencing now.

Over the weekend, I drank a serious amount of alcohol, lost my mobile phone, fell and cut my face twice. The last drink I had was in the early hours of Saturday morning. When I woke on Saturday early afternoon, I felt like I was going to die. I was shaking, my chest was tight and I felt like my heart was going to stop beating, even though when I checked my pulse it was reasonably normal.

I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle, eat well during the week, regularly exercise. However, I would binge drink often, maybe 3 times a month, and mostly to the stage where I can't remember what happened the night before. After this hangover, I seriously contemplate whether I will ever binge drink again, it's just not worth it and surely could be no good for our bodies at all.

I must admit I'm pretty relieved after reading this. I was thinking of heading to the hospital/gp in the morning (it's Monday evening and I still don't feel 100%) but I'm putting it down to my body telling me enough is enough. I still feel young enough as I'm only 28, but don't want to end up with some chronic health problems later in life, just cos I over did it a an earlier age.

My chest is still tight but I feel happier now I have got home and have my family around me. However, anyone who has any advice for me to get completely over this hangover would be much appreciated. I must also say that I don't see myself as having an alcohol problem, like some of the other people who have posted on this forum. I think I could live the rest of my life very happily without having another a drink, maybe I'm wrong but hopefully not.
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Read my last post that was right above yours, that is the only advice I could offer to you regarding the hangover.  I also binge drink occasionally and have been doing my best to cut back.  Like you, I don't consider myself an addict by any means but I also feel it's beginning to take a toll on my body.  Once the habit forms it is a hard one to break, but if you choose to continue to drink try doing some of the following:
-  Don't start earlier, drink faster, or drink more than those around you.  If you're already 4-8 drinks in when your buddies start drinking and you try to keep up it could definitely end badly for you.
-  Try your best to mix in water throughout the night or every other drink if possible, not only will it slow down how much you consume but keep you hydrated at the same time.  Also try to drink a good amount of water before bed.  
-  If you've been drinking beers all night long and some ladies or tough guys at the party/bar want to do some shots try and sit them out.  I am always guilty of not knowing when to turn a drink down.

After drinking for so long my body no longer tells throughout the night that I've had too much by making me feel nauseous or vomiting.  I could literally drink to the point of blacking out and drink some more and that's where these killer hangovers come from.  Definitely slow it down if not quit altogether before it does some serious damage.  
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Yeah I got anxiety and withdrawls a lot because I drink to get that feeling gone but comes back with full force when it wears off. I have PTSD. lost my partner of ten years and just makes drink and do the dumpiest things ever,
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I have all of the above, but can my heart actually stop beating in the night when i'm trying to get to sleep? Please help!

Robin Jones
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Yeah i have same problem.This problem is just a anxiety not a heart attack.I drank lots of whiskey one day and feeling that types of symptoms after vomiting i feel cool..If you feel some major problem i suggest you should concern your doctor.
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I have been looking for someone to describe this just as I have. I'm going to try the gasx. Other than that I am telling myself I've lived through this before so its not going to kill me (like I thought the first few times). Drinking triggers the chest/anxiety, but since I drink often it's hard to pull out the culprit. Its like the next level of hangover, which I'm not so keen that I'm acclimating to.

I do experience chronic gas pressure in my tummy so gasx sounds like a great choice of relief.
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I know this is an old post but I just had to reply....I am having stomach tightness and anxiety right now. I am very tired though, and I'm about to go to sleep which will be awesome, because I haven't drank. I could have drank some more alcohol, and I would have felt no anxiety for the day. I would have felt fine. However that is alcoholism. I'm glad that you threw out the rest of that vodka. I know that was back in 2009, but good job. I am glad I decided to try and fight this anxiety and depression without more alcohol tonight. Tomorrow should be much better. I just need to stop drinking period. It's not something I should be doing. It is weird to me this tightness in my stomach....
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I think you nailed it...I have suffered from anxiety disorder for over 30 years...i have had periods of time in my life where i hit the booze harD...The last 2 years (after the break-up of my marriage) I've been binge drinking...I am 50 now and have begun encountering much of what i've read in the above entries...it doesn't happen with moderate drinking, only when I get plowed...a regimen of B-complex will help w/palpitations...concentrate on breathing...hydrate like a mother (over 100 oz), eat moderately, but feed your hunger...and when you start feeling better and think you can get hammered again, realize that you're gonna suffer like this again...and don't do it
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I think you nailed it...I have suffered from anxiety disorder for over 30 years...i have had periods of time in my life where i hit the booze harD...The last 2 years (after the break-up of my marriage) I've been binge drinking...I am 50 now and have begun encountering much of what i've read in the above entries...it doesn't happen with moderate drinking, only when I get plowed...a regimen of B-complex will help w/palpitations...concentrate on breathing...hydrate like a mother (over 100 oz), eat moderately, but feed your hunger...and when you start feeling better and think you can get hammered again, realize that you're gonna suffer like this again...and don't do it
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I have absolutely had similar problems although I feel I have a much more personalized case

I am a just recently turned 21 year old male, I exercise 3 or four times a week, and I have a pretty well-balanced, healthy diet.    I'm in my 4th year in college and am taking 17 units over these next 2 semesters trying to graduate on time so a certain amount of anxiety I expect myself to have.

Unfortunately this is where things take a turn

I'm posting on here at 7 in the morning on Sunday after an entire Saturday of drinking beer (probably 15 beers throughout the day).  Sadly I have been up since 3 am with an incredibly tight feeling in my chest, feeling nauseous and have even thrown up a few times.  For some reason the vomiting seems to relieve the chest tightness but only for about 15 minutes.  Reading comments on threads like this as well as various yoga poses and taking 1 or 2 Tums usually is able to calm me down and relieve the tightness in my chest but only to a certain degree.

For a little more background,
I used to suffer from acne and I took the much-debated treatment Accutane which I know can have severe side-effects
About 2 years ago and what is the beginning of my Anxiety sad story I noticed a lump in my left breast.  I didn't say anything to anybody about it for a couple months and still have the lump to this day.  I started doing my own research online about possibilities of it being breast cancer and really started getting myself worried.  I was away at school the majority of the time so I didn't really have a doctor but one of the times I visited home my parents and I scheduled an appt with my physician, he felt the lump and told me it felt nothing like breast cancer and that men can have masses in their "breasts" for any number of reasons, ultimately he told me I had nothing to worry about and to carry on with my life.  This was very relieving although no actual tests were done.

I used to smoke marijuana on a daily basis, I live in an area where it is relatively easy to cultivate.  It seemed that progressively as time went on and I kept smoking, I would notice that my heart rate felt like it was picking up to an uncomfortable point, only when I would smoke though.  I've now mostly cut out the marijuana as it still gives me the same effects.

A few months go by and the lump remains but I feel great.  Then I notice that one of the lymph nodes in my neck was swollen, and it remained swollen for about 2 months. This really got me worried as swollen lymph nodes for an extended period of time means that something is up. In that 2 month period I revisited a Dr and explained all my occurances (accutane and the lump in my "breast") and he ordered an ultrasound to be done on the mass in my "breast" and for bloodwork to be done.  The ultrasound showed the lump to not be cancerous and this was a great relief in a very worry-filled time in my life the bloodwork showed that I was slightly low in Potassium and Magnesium.  The swelling in my lymph node subsided and life carried on.  Although every day since I noticed the lump in my breast I have had at least some worried thoughts about it. I changed my diet to one higher in both Potassium and Magnesium.  

About 6 months ago I went out one night and got completely annihilated drunk with my buddies, as I woke up the next day my chest felt tight, this instantly worried me as Im sure all of you on this feed have felt.  I got online and saw that chest tightness can be related to heavy drinking the night before and it went away as I pumped my body full of Gatorade so my worries went away.

Im now realizing how long this post is so Ill jump into this a little quicker.
Now anytime that I smoke or the following day after drinking, I'll feel so weird.  Feels like I'm going to have a heart attack and it scares the sh*t out of me.  About a month ago I turned 21 and a drinking frenzy ensued.  I drank a lot before turning 21 so this binge wasnt the first of its kind for me but it was 3 days of constant drinking and eating terrible food.  The Monday morning after that weekend I was up at 3 am doing the same as I was this morning, vomiting, tight chest, worries on my mind and it got to the point that I went to the hospital and got an EKG on my heart and some more blood work done.  The EKG came back completely normal and the bloodwork showed somewhat low levels of Potassium and Magnesium, which they thought could be due to the fact that I had been vomiting.  They gave me an IV of water and some awesome electrolyte solution because I was also dehydrated, my heart rate and blood pressure were a little high when I initially got there but they dropped to normal levels after I saw the results of the EKG and that I wasnt having a heart attack.  They deemed me physically healthy and couldnt explain the tightness in my chest other than anxiety related.  They gave me a Xanax and I started to feel exponentially better.

Like I said that was about a month ago, and I havent gotten a good night of sleep since.  I constantly think about that feeling I had in my chest and how scary it was.  I cut out drinking except for 1 beer every Sunday watching the 49er games.  I find myself staying up late and only being able to sleep for about 3 or 4 hours at a time.  

Yesterday was my first "test" ,if you will, of what the following day would be after heavily drinking and my biggest fear has been confirmed, tight chest, nauseous, full of worries about my heart.  I've told myself I need to take an extended break from drinking all together but now it's 100% going to start RIGHT NOW

I still have worry around my heart and the lump in my "breast" and even now about which friends of mine are fairweather and who I wont see much now that this break from alcohol is starting
I never thought of anxiety as being able to have physical effects like this but now I have no other choice than to believe it

Everybody has their own circumstance and situation, as long as we are cleared medically we will eventually stop worrying so much as long as we cut out what seems to trigger the worrying

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I drink every week. On Sundays I prepare myslef to go drinking from place to place. I'm the kind of drunk person that doesn't stop until he falls asleep. Now, the real nightmare begins every Monday. I often feel myself unable to go on, sometimes I feel my heart exploding and my full energy vanishing away. My nervous system is just unbalanced and I think the worst is yet to come. Panick attacks have been witn me since early 2009 to present day even when with a minor degree. Sometimes I feel that I'm goig to fade away, and even unable to pronounce the ideas I have in mind. I am a school teacher so I have to suffer this in front of students, giving a class or traveling to school. It's terrible, you know.
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Are u ever concerned about losing your job?do u have hangovers the next day teaching?
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Glad I found this thread. It is time folks to get your priorities straight. Opt living free of fear & misery and you can rest assured that life beyond getting  sloshed is way soooooo much greener. I have been through the hell you folks are going through and I am gonna tell you exactly why you are feeling like s*&^ after binge drinking. What you are experiencing folks are very early symptoms of Alcoholic Fatty Liver. Mind it, if you don't mend your ways right away, this is gonna lead to cirrhosis of liver and ultimately the inevitable. If you are below 40 then you can make 110% recovery from all the damages that you have induced upon yourself by various self abuse. I quit at a time when every god dang thing had gone wrong (cheating arrogant gf, an immediate family member getting cancer, a ruined career + my recurrent panic/anxiety attacks etc etc) and that my dear friends was just about the perfect time. I could do it just because I wanted to feel great for the rest of my life. It's hard to quit when time's on your side. Remember, staying sober has its own kick. All you have to do is give yourself a shot. Cheers!
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great comment!docstar rocked it like a rockstar!:)
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Wow this sounds just like mine. Around 3-5pm is a huge crash where I feel faint, clammy, heart rate. I have to tell my wife lets do thing before the crash comes. It feels like death
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I agree with Lenny7364 about the xanax; it works wonders. I have occasionally convinced myself that I am going to have a heart attack on a hangover and after popping a xanax have felt absolutely fine. It is true that they are addictive and shouldn't be taken too often, however they are prescribed for panic attacks, no matter what the cause is (though I live in Thailand and buy them over the counter here). If u wish tlo continue to drink to excess then one xanax on a hangover will solve the problem, providing it is only once a week or so! In fact, if you doubt me re-read let2it2out's story (diazepam is almost exactly the same as xanax and it was given to him by a hospital!).
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I have read all types of articles, forum post, advice, given out paragraph long advice of myself...it all helps (drink water, vitamin water, exercise, positive thinking...etc) -- but here's something interesting I found, SCIENTIFIC study shows link between your GUT and anxiety. Here's the link: http://m.livescience.com/49248-gut-bacteria-mental-health.html

It makes sense. After a day of drinking, the gas in my stomach gives me that tight pressure on the verge of a heart attack feeling. When I burp, instant relief.

PROBIOTICS give the body good bacteria that helps your gut stay healthy. Your gut is actually directly connected to your brain through the nervous system. Reason why normal anxiety gives you butterflies, but drinking gives it that "fight or flight" feeling. I am going to start taking "TruBiotic" pills to see if it helps my hangover anxiety.

Although, drinking water, vitamin water, eating a meal before going to bed does help and has eased my anxiety compared to my first episode. There have been days where it creeps up....
Any update on whether or not the probiotic worked?
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I get this too, some mornings i would wake up hungover and feel like im trapped inside my own body and just scream for help. Its as if there's something wrong and im constantly worrying about the night before, this feeling would normally take 2 to 3 days to disappear and i feel alot better but then the weekend comes along again and its the same old story. Make me wonder why i do this to myself but i have such good craic when i drink with friends... p.s Smoking would double this feeling and leave me feeling like my heads about to explode its so strange because i was never ever like this & im only 24 but fingers crossed for the future....God Bless
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I know this is old, but I have been drinking for years now and experienced hangovers- feeling tired and groggy, throwing up, you know...the normal hangover. But 2 weeks ago I woke up and was headed home from a long week of drinking over spring break and had the worst feelings i've ever had in my life. I started to be scared of everything, couldn't even drive myself home. I got super hot and sweaty, couldn't breathe well, I had a red bull earlier that day because I needed to be awake to drive and I ended up throwing that up because I thought that was the cause (i drink red bull a lot, i quit now but i had never felt like that before from them). But the worst thing was I would literally feel like I wasn't myself, like I would be walking and feel like I was having an out of body experience. I would start to think I was okay then it would hit me again- couldn't breathe, didn't feel like I was even alive, increased heart rate, hot flashes, horrible thoughts, i literally said to myself that I would rather kill myself than feel the way I am feeling right now. I slept throughout the day, woke up the next morning and felt a little better. While I was at the doctor 2 days later (for anxiety and depression and ADHD, i take seteraline-off brand of zoloft, and vyvanse) my psychiatrist said it was just alcohol withdrawls and skipping a dose of my anxiety meds here and there. While I would believe this is true, I drink all the time and skip doses (I am working on it) and have never ever felt this before. The next Friday I drank again, woke up and was perfectly fine so I figured I would be fine to drink again on Saturday night. I drank a lot that night (as I did the night before) and was driving home from the lake and out of no where I felt my body go into the same thing as the weekend before. As I was driving, I was terrified. I was so out of it (again not feeling myself) and thought I was just going to run off of the freeway because I didn't even know who I was, then I would go back to reality and get my head straight, then a minute later it would come back. I had to pull over and throw up hoping that it would make me gain my awareness back, but it didn't help much. Luckily I had a friend that could drive us home and he dropped me off but I kept going back into that mental state throughout the day. I got super hot (this is mainly happening in my upper neck area and feels like its in my head almost) and couldn't breathe well. I slept on and off throughout the day and the next day I felt better. I now have anxiety of driving (which I have never had) and it makes it really hard because I am in college and come home every weekend for work. This week I haven't drank at all and feel good but I am a college student and while I am going to slow down my drinking a lot, I know that I am going to continue to drink alcohol (no, I don't have a problem I just like to drink socially sometimes). I am petrified of drinking again because I don't ever want to feel that way and it takes me at least 24 hours to recover. I am going to talk to another doctor and I'm sure they will only tell me to stop drinking but I will still take it into consideration. I have looked online for days and tried to note all the ways to prevent hangovers! If anyone could give me any feedback on this, it would be awesome! Thank you!
I had the same problems, heart felt weak, muscles were weak, Anxiety, worried about the day before, felt like I wasn't the same as everyone else. The first time wasn't bad and ignored it, but the 2nd time it lasted 5 days, I quit right then and there. If youre willing to put yourself through this just to "drink" you have a alcohol problem, because no occasional drinker in their right mind would ever put themselves through this.
Not only will you feel how you have been, it's going to get worse. For you to be so willing to put yourself through this and go through all the trouble for looking for things for the hangover is a red flag.
Oops.. should have read my comment before sending it. It still makes sense though.
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My first ever experience with this anxiety happened on a car ride alone back from a weekend long bender.. I couldn't stay in between the lines and thought I was going to hit every car (I am normally a sharp ******* driver), and   when I tried to push the gas or break it took my foot like 5 seconds to register and so I would like slam the  break. It was the scariest day of my life and was followed by three nights of 1 hour of sleep because I thought I was having heart attacks and suffocating, Its been a rollercoaster since then as I was still finishing off my last semester in college and couldn't completely cut out drinking.

But for those reading, if you can stop now, and get it out of your system completely, maybe you can go back to drinking in a year or so. As for me, its been 11 months since that drive where I first witnessed this crazy spiked anxiety, and I have not yet cut out drinking completely (although I no longer go near liquor). If I were to go out tonight and get black out drunk, the following three days would probably just about as bad as it ever was.

I was in a fraternity and could dead serious have up to 20 drinks til I blacked out (literally 10 shots 10 beers, maybe even nights with more) 3 nights a week. It sounds insane but I somehow built up the system for it.  In the past year, I realized beer alone can do the trick to having a good time.. 6 beers does the trick if your life that desperately requires a night or two of drinking a week. After the first two weekends experiencing this insane anxiety, I have a 6 pack of blue moon every time I went out for 2 months. Anxiety was completely wiped for a couple days until I thought it was ok to rip shots again. Moral of the story, drink as little alcohol as possible if any, and you can start to alleviate the problem.

Now I could go in depth about my actual experiences of the anxiety, but I could go on forever as they have been so intense, one night I didn't want to wake up (and no I was and still have never been depressed) because the pain/confusion/shakiness/suffocation/numbness was so unbearable.

I love to think that someone has the natural solution/solutions to improving strength in the  system of nerves in my body that deal with this anxiety.. (vitamins, Probiotics, chiropractor, etc...)

Something that might be important to add is that I have always had a natural anxiety to speaking in public, but never to the point of physical anxiety like this (apart from sweating and shaking in front of audience). This was the only comparable anxiety/stress I ever had before this came into my life.

Other thought... I crack my neck quite often, multiple times throughout the day to the point where I think I've already cracked the bones but continue to roll it through the motion because it feels good still. Could i be stretching essential nerves or whatever that are important to the function of the vagus nerve which is responsible for heart beat, digestion, and breathing... My sister and her husband who are both doctors say there's no way, but I have doubts.. I have doubts about EVERYTHING until I figure out what's up.

Thanks for letting me vent. I have never written anything this long in my entire life.
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