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rehabs can you stop drinking without them?

i drink a pint of vodka straight on a daily basis.i have been to detox and outpatient once many years ago when my kids where small. i was diagnosed with a fatty liver and told if i continue i will die. But how do you just stop or cut down? If totally fustrated because it's such a part of my life how do you go on without that drink. i don't drink to get drunk, iam so used to it i just enjoy that buzz. When i went to outpatient treatment listening to soooo many outrageous stories gave me the urge to drink,i was desperate to leave those so called group therapies.Anyway,
i was advised by a doctor to take xanax and i'd still rather drink, they make you more dopey than the alcohol.
Please help i don't know if i can do this alone.
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hello. why do you want to stop now? what kinds of problems do you have when you drink? what got you into detox? sorry to ask so many questions, but a little more background would be helpful in answering your post.   gm
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If you really have a desire to stop (and it sounds like you still enjoy drinking) then you should try AA. You can find meetings that do not feature "war stories" if they bother you. AA will teach you techniques that help you replace your drinking hobby with other things. Eventually your cravings will lessen or disappear.

I don't know anyone who was able to stop on their own, so  kind of doubt that you can.
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AA has the answer my friend!
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The fatty liver diagnosis was enough to scare me sober!  I want to live, and I know you do too.  This can set the stage for cirrhossis and you don't ever want to go there.  Just keep telling yourself that you're doing this because you want to live.  

The first week is hard.  The first month is not real easy either, but it really does get better after that- with each passing week you will see improvement.  

You have your wake-up call- don't drink anymore.   Does your doctor know that you drink?  If so, ask him how you should stop.  I"ve never had much luck with cutting down, so I think quitting is really the only option, but you should consule with your doctor first.  Okay?
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I was watching an "Invervention" show on tv recently and it was about a married couple who were both alcoholics.  The woman said honestly "I have been to rehab several times in my life but never let it work for me."  Wow!  That is powerful!  She realized that SHE had to allow the program to help her.
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You can quit without going to rehab, but it is essential to go to a AA meeting and that first day ask for phone numbers or a temporary sponsor and take it from there.
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Can you tell me what happens at first AA meeting. I too am in my 50's. Drink a bottle of wine each evening after work while preparing dinner. Really enjoy it but have put on weight due to giving up exercising and want to just not focus on wine all the time.

Do I need AA ? Or just stop one day !
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Noone can answer this question for you, the question wether you need AA or not. I can only tell you that I would never have stopped and stayed off for 20 year without AA and for God's sake, I wouldn't have liked to either. AA is great fun and makes you a better person (how ever good you are in the beginning). Nothing happens in the first meeting, you will just be welcomed and shown ways to get yourself some help.
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I've been sober/clean 25 years and dayjob is substance abuse counselor for past 23 years.I did 25 days of rehab in 1983 and comitted myself to abstinence and AA and NA were great helps.I was very stubborn about using...i REFUSED 2!Our agency has spent TONS of pricey dollars sending ppl to rehab who come out use again get in trouble and whine about the trouble their in.Really ticks me off....so much wasted money and a privelege to go to rehab when it is PAID for for u!Then i have ppl in my recovery group who haven't been to rehab......heroin addicts and alcoholics alike who didn't go to rehab and toughed out withdrawal with our help and the help of a good doctor who understood addiction and have changed their life with hard work......the answer in my opinion is developing the mental strength to quit and not giving up no matter what.......change the lifestyle 360 degrees...no using of anything mood altering,removing alcohol and drugs from your home,no parties,no bars no old using friends and surrounding urself with supportive ppl no matter how few or many ...u have to have these folks and AA and NA or any support group supporting no chemicals of any kind is a must.It all lies between our 2 ears i think....that is the most important start!Sure was for me and i refuse to deviate from it.....i see others who also refuse to deviate from a path of being clean/sober..it will work if ya work it!:)
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