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stress and pain

Okay this is very hard to write but I am going to go for it. I am 20 years old about to be 21. I have had stress all my life on and off divorce when I was in my teens, friends and high school, mother with cancer, and just in 2008 my mother passed away from the terminal cancer. After my mom died i started expcerience werid pains of my chest and breathing somtimes. Sometimes it hurts when I think about it it too much. I am an excessive smoker of cigarretes, marijuana, and drinker of beer or hard liquer sometimes all everyday. Now I am also sadly have an addiction of masterbation since I was 15, and havnt missed a day sometimes when I couldnt or didnt feel like it. Since my moms passing I have been losing a lot of weight  from chest each month still doing the same routine at home or out with friends. Few months after that my right side of throat, face, back lowerand upper, groin, my butt have lost weight,  my lower rib cage looks funny. The pain gets worse every month I sometimes cry about it cause I cant take it no more. I have went to the doctor for chest scans im good, but I didnt do the blood work yet i ditched it which was terrible. Im really scared and dont know whats going to happen to me I just wanna be normal. when I hang out with friends im always awkard after my mom, and always mad and nervous. When I smoke it hurts a lot and goes away, when I drink the pain goes away and dats why i am drinking exceesivly cause of pain. I sometimes cant sleep it bothers me. Im sorry about this message but I dont know what I should do or say. I have no family history of anything like this in my case anyways, some people think im just under stress, but if the weight is really bad to the near bone and the right side of chest looks inflated and the left side is fine and normal i think its more than stress i think. Sometimes my right side of throat will beat really fast cwhen running cause the weight is so bad , and when i smoke and drink my right leg will feel numb and cold sometimes like low blood flow. Im wonderin if its surgery to help me but who knows. Please get back to me. Im okay for now but if there is somthing that needs to be done soon let me know. Mark
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Hi Mark, i am sara......This post is going to be moved to the alcohol forum.  There will be people over there that will talk to you            sara
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Hi. Your symptoms could have psychological or physical causes or both. I can relate to drinking the pain away- I have pancreatitis and up until recently had been doing the same thing. Weight loss is common among those who drink in excess as we tend to eat very poorly, and sometimes not at all. Its obvious that you are using chemicals to help you cope, which I did for years- but now know continuing to do so will kill me- and trust me, its a very bad way to go. I would get back to your doctor or even go to the ER, and be totally honest about your symptoms and drinking and drug use, as it can alter or mask symptoms. And be sure to get bloodwork done! The drinking especially is likely causing at least some of your problems- but there is help available for that as well, if you really want to get better. The physical evaluation needs to be done to rule out any physical problems, and consulting a mental health professional will help you with your negative emotions and thoughts. Some anxiety and depressive disorders can cause physical symptoms as can extreme stress. Please get checked out and let us know how you're doing. You don't have to live like this, I know cause I've been where you are now. Give yourself a break, there is hope. GM/-
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