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support other than AA?

I am 49 yrs old. I work in education, love my job, but it all falls apart after that. My nightly ritual, actually, I don't make it past 5pm before I start drinking. I drink until I go to bed, no later than 8-830. I have no social life, I constantly make excuses to be alone. I rarely do anything that doesn't include copious amounts of wine. I drink every night, more on week-ends. My mother was also a drunk, died at 45. I decided today that I am going to make some changes. I am fearful of quitting cold turkey, so I plan to see my doctor tomorrow. I  live alone, do not have children or partner, so it would be pretty easy to continue doing what I've been doing, I believe one day I will kill myself, from either booze or suicide if I do not quit. I do not want to go to local AA meetings, but do believe support is important.
Thank you for sharing your stories, you are not alone.
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What about ACOA? You are an Adult Child of an Alcoholic.
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There are therapists,addiction counselors, etc.  I would look into that avenue.  I am so happy you are coming clean with your doctor.  That is a good positive step.  You dont have to live like this anymore.  You are worth fighting for.  There is no happy ending to this addiction.  Keep talking with us~~sara
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I never thought it possible to be sober especially 8 months.  I have been high on one thing or another for over 30 years.  I am 43 now and finally able to think with a clear head.  I won't lie it is tough, still have cravings but they go away.  If you have a higher power it will be much easier for you to concur.  I do go to meetings, not a big fan but somehow they make me feel better and you meet real friends there not fake people sucking you dry.  You are worth it!  Enjoy the rest of your life and remember it.  The is a AA Central Office on 84th and Greenfield with great literature.  Get the "big book" or the Alcoholics Anonomous book they will know what that is and read it over and over, trust me that could be your saving grace!!!!
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