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symtoms back again

Its been 8 months after qutting alchohol .i havent been on any medication...my symtoms gradually reduced..but from past few days they are back again..feels like hell..dizzness , anxiety, fear, i went to neurologist, .. he took EEG test, he said its normal..does that mean my nervous system is good?? he gave me medicine..stalopam i think its (Benzodiazepine)in US. took in the night..the next day  it was pretty bad..i felt the back side of brain was numb...my hands were weak..i was feeling..they will shake..but they werent.it was like this the whole next day..i am not sure if these are side effects or regular..i was feeling dizzy..later i dont have anxiety..but dizziness still there..i scared to take the next pill again..i am not sure why the symtoms are back..this is hard thing on me..i cant go over the symtoms again..i have been through hell before...not sure what to do............Harry
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hi. ok--i think i found it. stalopam or escitalopram is a SSRI antidepressant that is more commonly known as lexapro. it is contraindicated in patients who have taken MAOI medications in the last 14 days. there is a form that is combined with clonazepam (which is a relatively mild benzodiazepine) called stapolam plus marketed in india and possibly in the uk. i'm going to send you a couple of weblinks i found that may be helpful. did your doctor give you any diagnoses aside from depressive or anxiety conditions? and have you informed him/her of what may be side effects that you are having? i'm sending this stuff now----keep in touch---i'm not usually online until after 9pm EST but i'll try to keep checking around.  take care,  gm
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