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HELP! Birth Control Alternative Options


I have been on the pill for about 12 years… Recently circumstances prevented me from taking it for a few days… as a result, I got off of it (to reset before I begin again) for about 2 months…
about 10 days after I was off the pill I noticed that my sex drive was higher than it has ever been (as long as I can remember).
At first I thought that: 'perhaps this is what it's like when ovulating off the pill'…
However, when my sex drive didnt decrease at all (while off the pill); I concluded that this may be my normal, natural sex drive that has been suppressed by taking the pill.
Those 6 weeks were sooo nice… I felt sexier… I was excited about sex and enjoyed it so much more than while on the pill- I loved it…
I never thought that part of the way the pill prevents pregnancy & STDs is by reducing your sex drive ;)
With this in mind, I went to my gyno to see what I should do.. I got another type of pill with should of had less influence. A week after taking the first pill, my sex drive had decreased… I still enjoy sex and want it, but it is significantly different to how i felt those 6 weeks.
There must be something other than hormone influencing methods, that prevent pregnancy.
Besides: condoms & counting the ovulation cycle…
what about female condoms, spermicide, sponge, etc…?
Now that I know what I am missing, I have to get off the pill and find something els to prevent pregnancy…
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