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Watched "The Game" with my husband.  It's an oldie but I hadn't seen it.  Pretty crazy movie and pretty good.  Made me think if there are any other 'older' movies that have suspense (without being horror or too scary which I don't like)---  that people like that I can try to find to entertain myself and husband this winter.  
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Here are some movies that are suspenseful without being gory.

!. Sleuth - Michael Kane & Lawrence Oliver

2. Rear Window -  Alfred Hitchcock

3. North by North West - Alfred Hitchcock

I've seen all of these movies. I like suspense, but I don't like gory
movies either. I also like movies with a plot and a good story.   Eve :)
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All of these are movies with pretty extreme/sever plot-twists of some description. Eah one is a "I never saw THAT coming!" sort of thing.

The Village [2004]
12 Monkeys [1995]
Unbreakable [2000]
The Others [2001]
Primal Fear [1996]
Dogville [2003]
Saw [2004] (this one is sort of a horror movie and a little bloody)
Sixth Sense [1999]
Fight Club [1999]
The Crying Game [1992]
The Usual Suspects [1995]
Reservoir Dogs [1992]

(Can you tell I'm an M.Night Shyamalan fan?)
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