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2011 FAAN Walk for Food Allergies Dates/Locations

2011 FAAN Food Allergy Walk Locations:

Newark, DE          5/14/2011
Buffalo, NY          8/13/2011
Indianapolis, IN          8/20/2011
Seattle, WA          8/20/2011
Baltimore, MD          8/27/2011
Nashville, TN          8/27/2011
Houston, TX          9/10/2011
Kansas City, KS 9/10/2011
Minneapolis, MN 9/10/2011
Denver, CO          9/11/2011
Chicago, IL          9/17/2011
Lansing, MI          9/17/2011
Long Branch, NJ 9/18/2011
Pittsburgh, PA   9/18/2011
Albany, NY         9/24/2011
Northern Virginia, VA 9/24/2011
Boston, MA         9/25/2011
Columbus, OH         9/25/2011
Atlanta, GA         10/1/2011
Austin, TX         10/1/2011
Las Vegas, NV 10/1/2011
Portland, ME         10/1/2011
Westchester, NY 10/1/2011
Milford, CT         10/2/2011
Philadelphia, PA 10/2/2011
Salt Lake City, UT 10/8/2011

San Jose, CA(FAAN ** Hom Memorial 5K Run) 10/8/2011
California Bay Area 10/8/2011
Long Island, NY 10/9/2011
Miami, FL         10/15/2011
Boise, ID                 10/22/2011
Dallas, TX           10/22/2011
Detroit, MI         10/22/2011
Los Angeles, CA 10/23/2011
Ridgewood, NJ 10/23/2011
Charlotte, NC         10/29/2011
St Louis, MO         10/29/2011
Raleigh, NC         11/5/2011
San Diego, CA 11/5/2011
Tampa, FL         11/12/2011
Virginia Beach, VA 11/12/2011
Tempe, AZ         12/3/2011
Alexanders Home Town, USA 12/10/2011
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