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A guide to Allergy Free Gathering for Thanksgiving by FAAN

Wanted to share this excellent article released by FAAN recently about having a safe Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving conjures up an image of being surrounded by family – and food. For families managing food allergies, these feasts can also cause some stress. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or going to a loved one’s home for Thanksgiving dinner, there are several steps you can take to help ensure that a food allergy reaction doesn’t occur.

    * If you’re the guest, call the host or hostess in advance to inquire about the menu, food preparation, and to gauge the host’s level of food allergy awareness.

    * Offer to bring a dish, and make it an allergen-friendly dish that can suffice as a main course in case your family member with a food allergy cannot eat any of the other dishes being served.

    * If you have a child with a food allergy, give them a refresher ta
talk about not eating food in which there is a likelihood of cross-contact (e.g., a buffet-style set-up).

    * Don’t assume that a food contains only traditional ingredients that you know are safe. We’ve heard of cooks preparing cranberry sauce with pecans, or adding peanut butter to gravy or even pumpkin pie.

    * If you’re hosting, and you’d like to include some dishes for your guests that contain an allergen to which your child is allergic, remember to thoroughly wash down surfaces and utensils. Set that dish aside, and label it as unsafe for your child.

    * If your guests are going to be consuming foods that contain allergens, ask them to be mindful of your child’s safety by making sure to wash their hands before hugging or kissing goodbye.

There may be some extra steps involved to prepare for your Thanksgiving feast, but the peace of mind is worth it!

reference:  FAAN (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network)
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