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Allergies or Anxiety Attack?

Hi, silly questions but.. I've got nut allergies (some more severe than others) and recently had a really bad case of an allergic reaction (throat swelling up, hives) and it's causing me a LOT of stress lately in what I eat. Sometimes when I've eaten something my throat feels like it's closing up but I don't know if it's because of what I'm eating or if I'm having an anxiety attack? How would I know this difference?
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First off, stress can cause the food allergies, and allergies can cause the anxiety and stress, it is a vicious circle.  One reason you may be feeling like your throat is swelling is due to the fear of having an allergic reaction. You see, when we have anxiety, all of our muscles, including those in our throat, constrict, this can cause the "lump' in the throat feeling.

I think you will most assuredly know the difference between an allergic reaction causing your throat to constrict  or if it is an anxiety attack, your body just "knows" and you will know what it is, first, the anxiety will not shut off your throat or breathing, the allergy will.
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Would be interesting if you can find out what's causing your allergic reaction. If you find out what's the reason you can tell us. The symptoms that you have are very commen in many allergies. Maybe it's not an allergy but an intolerance. There are many possibilities. If you can't find out whats the reason, you should go and see an allergist. Probably he's gonna make a blood test.

last but not least, if you get the diagnosis of having histamine intolerance, (that's the only one that I know in detail) I can recommend Daosin ;)

best of luck!
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