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I am a 37 year old female.  In 1998 I was told I had Asthma like tendencies. I have no history of smoking. In 2003 I was hospitalized after having trouble breathing. Chest x-rays where fine. All breathing test where fine. I was sick for about 3-4 weeks. In 2005 I started to develop allergies to various fruits and veg. I also whould have on going episodes of "Asthma" flare-ups.  Again Chest x-rays where fine.  Dr. whould report that chould not here any wheezing. Current in the past year I have started to have allergic reactions to various vapors, perfumes ect. In the past three months they have gotten worse....more flare-ups more offen.   Over the years my symptoms have not changes. They are shortness of breath. I feel as if I have pressure on my chest,  Lose of voice, I am tried alll the time (fatigued),  Headache,  Nausea, feels like a ball is in my throught, I am very emotional.  My last episode starte on July 2 after I entered a co workers office who was cleaning it. Since July 2nd I have breathing test.scopes done to look at my voice box. I recieved cortizone shot, and did a step down wiht the pills. I am on daily asthma meds.  An Suggestion
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What asthma meds are you on?  Has your Dr considered adding Singular? It sounds reactive in nature and until you figure out a way to help avoid the triggers, you may feel this way so tired, etc.  This happened to my daughter, too and once we baselined her mj. allergies the other ones became less reactive.

Oftentimes fruits and veggies cross react with other things like pollen, ragweed, etc. Are you on allergy meds for env. allergies?  During peak season on those allergies, the other ones can flare dearly.

Latex is also a cross reactor to fruits and veggies.  Carrots to mugwort (weed).

Hope this helps and let us know how you are doing.

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Feel free to repost on ASthma, too
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I'm wondering too if milk/nut allergies could be making my asthma worse.  I have chest tightness that was helped by singulair, like late in the day and I was on symbicort alone but it wasn't enough at 4 puffs/day.  
what are your FEV1/FVC scores?  mine are in the low 70s and I don't know if it's normal  
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how can you know if you are having airway remodeling long term like over 60 years?  if your FEV1/FVC ratio is in a certain range then can you be guaranteed that your lung function will remain stable??
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