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I have been getting a lot of digestive problems after eating gluten/lactose containing food and drink, however I only seem to be getting these issues in the morning.

Typical pattern each day: I eat gluten/wheat/flour/lactose containing food in the morning and within 5-20 minutes I get bloating, gas and a sudden urge to go the toilet but am constipated (it comes out hard and in small bits).

I have had 1 celiac screen which was negative as I had not restarted my gluten diet for very long But I am due another one in a week or so as I am back to eating a normal gluten diet, but are the doctors wasting their time with looking for celiac disease? I thought diarrhoea occurs with celiac disease, not constipation. Any other time during the day and I get no problems. This is confusing me to no end.


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Hello there,

Just finished reading your post. You say you eat gluten/wheat/flour/
lactose containing food in the morning. What exact foods do you eat
that contain these things ? You mention " eating gluten/lactose
containing food and drink. What exactly is this and are you drinking
milk, for example. It sounds to me like some food(s) you're eating
in the morning are causing the bloating, gas and constipation.
Some people are allergic to gluten and lactose containing food, including
milk and other dairy products. Someone in my family recently was
told not to eat anymore dairy or gluten. This was determined through a
blood test given by her doctor. Her doctor also specializes in naturopathy.
I don't know anything about celiac disease so I can't comment on that.
This person is my family has given up eating dairy and glutin. She's
actually eating glutin free products, no dairy and lots of vegetables, fruit
and eggs. By choice no red meat , chicken or fish. She has become a
vegetarian by choice and she feels so much better, but she is being carefully
monitored by her doctor. I hope something I've shared with you will be of
help to you.  
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Hi there, thanks for replying.

Foods that I eat (in the morning) and contain gluten are:

* Bread
* Biscuits
* Cakes
* Chocolate

(all the above make me constipated with 5-20 minutes of consuming them.)

* Pasta - I've noticed that eating this in large quantities gives me gas and no constipation.

Foods that I eat/drink (in the morning) and contain lactose are:

* Tea with milk - I have switched to decaff and this has made no difference at all. (urgent urge to go to the toilet with constipation)
* Coffee - I very rarely drink coffee in the mornings but this is usually once a week and I have a latte. If I drink it in the mornings it tends to make me bloated, gassy and get very bad stomach cramps.

Hope this helps and thanks for your help.

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Hi Jo,

Thanks for sharing what you eat in the morning. I'm wondering if a
dietician might be helpful for you. Where I live, you have to have a
referral from your doctor to a dietician. Have you been to your family
doctor regarding this issue ? It's really important to include fibre in
your diet. Eating more fibre or any fibre would help you alleviate
your constipation issues, but a dietician could help you look at your
current diet and help you plan perhaps a healthier diet. A dietician
could help you analyze the current foods you are ingesting and
perhaps help you figure out what may be causing your digestive
problems. I worked with a dietician about two years ago and I
found it very helpful. There may be things you are eating that you
are either allergic too or are sensitive to. Remember when I mentioned
someone in my family was recently told not to eat any more food with
gluten in it or any more dairy. This was determined through a blood
test. I hope you find my suggestions helpful.  Eve
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Hi Eve, thanks for your comment and your help.

I have been to my family doctor regarding the gluten/wheat/flour digestive issues and my endocrinologist is doing a repeat coeliac screen on me. They do not consider me to have allergies to milk/gluten/wheat etc. I might cut out gluten, wheat and milk altogether once the coeliac screen has been done but one thing I have noticed is that one part of my lip has gotten swollen. It's not sore but was first very dry and has now become inflamed and swollen. Wondering now if this could be an allergy thing or down to my hypothyroidism.


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Hi Jo,

You're very welcome. I'm glad you found my comments helpful.It might be a good idea see your family doctor about your inflamed and swollen lip.
That must be extremely painful. Perhaps your doctor could recommend
a cream or something to put on it. I wouldn't self medicate at this point.
I think your doctor should see your lip and suggest a " next step" so to
speak. I wish you well.  Eve
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