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Can I rid of allergy forever?

I was told I don’t have allergy anymore. I have done detox starting from liver and other organs. Allergic symptoms are the result of too much toxins from food, environment and drugs. I got symptoms after intake of hormonal shots and antibiotic intake for infection.
It didn’t help for infection but caused candida infection in addition to that.
But my food and chemical test showed a lot of intolerances and I still react for some foods as allergic with inflammation in esophagus, stomach and even colon, headaches, palpitation, fatigue, etc.
I wonder if I even will be able to overcome such reactions. I have red that adults have allergy for life and nothing can help to get total recovery. I wonder if I should go for shots or sublingual drops (there is also small dose drops treatment available).
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Allergies are an immune system response.  The immune system is designed to attack pathogens and other substances that are harmful to the body.  An allergic person has an "overactive" immune system.  The body reacts to benign substances as if they were harmful.  The tendency towards allergies is genetic.  

Immunotherapy re-trains the immune system to ignore the harmless substances.  Immunotherapy is very effective for "getting rid of allergies" as long as new allergies don't develop.  

I would recommend that you under go thorough allergy testing by a board certified allergist.  Many people mistake intolerence of foods as an allergy, so the proper testing and diagnosis is essential.  If true allergies are found, immunotherapy shots are the most effective treatment.  

Good luck and feel better.
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Thank you for response.
I had testing with many docs including Board certified. In the past some foods showed up as allergic  and dust, molds and cats too. But later they were normal though one doc did test with double dose of allergen. After this last test I noticed bumps on my skin but only next day. Doc said i have delayed reaction and it would be better to avoid these foods: corn, sugar, milk, orange, pork and chicken. I never had problems with chicken so i still eat it on regular basis (only organic as I am sensitive to hormones).
But I try to avoid the rest. If I eat milk or cheese I will have stuffed nose and cold but if I eat sugar I have palpitation and pain in esophagus. Even if it delayed reaction but immune system is certainly reacting. If treatment for adrenal fatigue will not help for allergy I will go for LDS drops. Nobody in my family admits that having allergy though one of my half brothers has asthma and my mom have light sensitivity to laundry powder.

Probably they have different symptoms only. My father has atherosclerosis and my brother had sinus problem and cancer. Who knows it could be from allergy. I have red that allergic food irritates heart and gallbladder  causing inflammation there so that it could be the reason for my GB problem.
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For  most food allergies, the only treatment is avoiding the food.  I hope that helps at some point.  I have heard of delayed reactions before.  

A half brother with asthma could indicate a family history of allergies, but not definite.  My guess would be that some of your family has allergies are not bothersome enough for them to really notice them.  

I missed the part about the candida infection earlier.  Candida is a yeast infection not bacterial.  Antibiotics don't help candida, they actually can cause a candida infection.  I recommend that you discus taking a probiotic with your doctor.  One that is enteric (spelling?)  would be the best.  You should also try to eliminate as many foods that would feed the yeast as possible like starches and sugars.  You might want to research a candida "allergy" diet.  

Feel better soon.
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Sure I got Candida infection after antibiotics but doc said i have low adrenal function at first. It suppresses immune system and cause allergies in some people. Before that i didn’t have much intolerances probably only milk as I had sinus problems many years ago and even had operation for that, Now I know if i eat milk few days in a row I will have cold or flu.
I can’t stand too strict diet as i have hypoglycemia and i am always hungry. I think it is started after 3 months on strict candida diet.
Starvation is stress too and now I try to limit carbs only until I will get better with adrenals. It is the most important for my immune system and diet won’t help if I will not improve adrenal fatigue.
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I got rid of all my food allergies with kinesiology. Rid of them forever, by the way.
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Do you mean you use NAET technology? I know they treat allergy but it didn`t worked for me. Kenesiology is muscle testing as I know. How to find doc to treatment?
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