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Does anyone know about having an allergy to Mocha?

I can have coffee, and I can have chocolate.  I just can not have them within 6 to 8 hours of each other. If I drink or eat anything that has both in it I have been known to get a rash, uncontrollable itching and at its worse pass out.  I have been told that this should not be possible since I am not allergic to either item singly.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Thanks
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Hello~You may not be allergic to either, but have a sensitivity to each one, and when taken together, it is too much for your system to handle. If a person only has "mild" allergies, they won't present themselves until "reinforced" by another similar substance. I think since you have a fairly strongly reaction when combining them, I would just avoid doing it. It is better than being sick.
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I agree with SassyLassie .. hope this is helpful
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