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Food Allergies?

I have been having problems for years with ongoing frequent loose stools.   I apologize in advance for the discriptive nature of my post, but I am concerned.

They are about 3-6 times a day.  Usually 2 in the morning and one following almost every meal.  They are light brown with bile yellow color when I wipe, foul smelling, floating usually or stick to the side of the bowl, spongy looking, often undigested food can be seen.  This has been going on for about 10 years.  I am not loosing weight currently, but I attribute that to my recently diagnosed pituitary tumor and Hashimotos thyroid.  

What food allergy tests should I have done?  
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Your symptoms do not sound like food allergies.

Possibly, food intolerance, which effects the digestive system.

There are a slew of  gastrointestinal diseases that can cause the symptoms you are experiencing (ie:colitis, irritable bowel synsrome, diverticulitis, crohn's disease, and list goes on).

Have you to tried an elimination diet to see what may be causing your symptoms?

I would personally seek out a gastroenterologist first and if nothing is found, I would then follow through with an allergist.
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Very similar things happen to me when i eat onion which i also have an allergy of. I would recommend getting tested for food allergies over the foods you eat most often to start with ex(milk, eggs, wheat, yeasts, soy, sugar) and then go from there. I would also find an allergist that does blood testing for allergies and not just skin testing. I was skin tested for food allergies and it came up with only wheat for me. Then i was blood tested and 12 different allergies popped up. So im a huge advocate of blood testing for food allergies.
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