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Food Allergy Testing...What now?

5 times over the past 9 months I have experienced an anaphylactic reaction...starts with severe abdominal cramping, then my face, ears and throat itch terribly and then my airway closes.  I have an epi-pen just in case.  I just completed food testing.  In the first round, my histamine control reaction measured 6 mm, and I reacted to corn (4 mm), rice (5 mm), barley (4 mm), and garlic (4 mm).  In the second round my histamine reaction was a 5 and I reacted to potatoes (3), cabbage (4), crab (4) and almonds (5).

I never eat cabbage or crab, rarely eat rice and would only eat barley unknowingly.  But I love potatoes and almonds.

For several years I get 'itchy bumps' which a dermatologist couldn't solve...labelled it uticaria.

I still have no definitive answer as to what is causing the anaphylactic reactions and had no idea I was 'allergic' to all of these foods.  Do you think these things could be causing my chronic itch?

What do you think the dr. will tell me as far as dealing with these foods?  He isn't available to go over this with me until May 28.  Any suggestions?
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Hi,  what foods did you ingest right before the anaphylaxis?  Perhaps a food diary is a good idea to keep?  Did they check via blood for latex and/or then cross relate the latex to foods in the latex family?

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The first time it happened I had eaten at a new restaurant known to use a lot of cayenne pepper, so the ER doc told me to avoid that.  I did and it happened over and over just eating normal, every day things (or so I thought).  They did not check the latex thing...what foods are in the latex family?  I've been reading food labels...even crackers I eat are made with barley oil.  And I often snack on almonds...I'm tempted to go by some and see what happens!  
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Has a great list of foods and the family they are in as well as other food in the same families.

Was the food allergy done by blood test or skin test. I would highly recommended a food allergy blood test, because it actually takes into account how you digest the food. I have 12 food allergies that only effect me if i eat them because its how my body breaks them down that i have problems with.

Is a great website where you can get recipes that don't include your specific allergies.
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