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Food Intolerance?

Is a food intolerance something that can have a sudden onset? For example, eating dairy your entire life, but suddenly  problems arise?
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hi tatin,
yes people can be intolerant to sth from one day to the other...
I'm the best example for it, because I got a histamine intolerance. Almost 3 years ago I got the diagnosis. I could'nt eat certain kind of fruits and vegetables as well. I always had this weird feeling in my mouth and I couldn't enjoy the meal anymore. Then I found a supplement called Daosin. Created by a company in austria which helps people with histamine intolerance. They are also working with some medical institution. For me it helps to enjoy my life :)
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Absolutely, a persons allergies can change every 5 years, so, what you may not be allergic to now, you could be later, and vice-a-versa, something you are not allergic now, you could develop an allergy too. They are tricky and often hard to handle.
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That's what's so scary is not knowing. For someone who already has a restricted diet because of allergies developing a food intolerance from the only foods you can eat is like a slap in the face.
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that's not true :) I'm sensitive to histamine but with my supplement "Daosin" I can eat everything. So it's not a slap in my face ;P
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