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Food Sensitivities causing eating disorders

I have had abdominal pain for over 8 years along with nausea every time I ate anything. I would bounce from constipation to diarrhea. After numerous tests drs deemed me IBS. It wasn't till years later and ripping my diet apart that I realized I am gluten intolerant. Now it seems that I have a food allergy as well. My joints hurt when I eat gluten, cellulose, and hydrogenated oils(my intestines swell up and feel inflammed and like they are going to fall out of my body. I just want to sleep and can't even think about running for about a week. I feel terribly nauseous and can only get myself to eat smoothies). So staying on a strict diet is hard but helps me a million! For the first time in my life I was able to compete in cross country and it wasn't hard for me! Normally I would have to take IBprofen to play soccer, but all my symptoms are gone. However, because of such a strict diet even though I am taking a multi vitamin (gluten free) I am suffering from low iron and not enough B12 (I've been waking from a dead sleep to fingers that were tingly painful and my chest/heart would feel funny at times and I'd feel like I couldn't breath. but it wasn't anxiety). I have liquid b12 now and liquid iron. My period is no where near regular and you could almost say I don't have one...sometimes every 6 months maybe every 4. I can't afford allergy testing or a dietitian because I already have 8 yrs of dr bills...I really need help though because I love running cross country...any suggestions??? Plz? :(  
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Are you taking Vit D I have to take 4000iU/day. Most people who are gluten intolerant/Celiac are low in Vit D, iron, and B12.

I hope this helps,
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Go to a good healthfood store.  Get a whole food type supplement for natural vitamins and minerals.  Take magnesium in the morning and 2000 of vitamin D.  At night take L-arginine 1000 units and also calcium.  Take a probiotic and L-glutamine for your gut.  

The iron deficiency takes months to correct, so don't stop it.  

I have Celiac also and these supplements help me a lot.    
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That's the weird part...I fit the celiac disease symptoms perfectly (so much so that the first month I was gluten free my intestines had this itchy squirmy feeling...like a cut healing. Now if I accidentally have gluten my intestines hurt and there's blood in my stool). But I have had ALL the celiac tests which have verified I do not have the disease and that it does not even run in my family...unless we are some obscure DNA strain of it they don't know yet. My grandmother has had problems with gluten all her life too. Doctors told her not to eat bread when she was very young because it caused her crippling joint pain. I have NO doubt you are onto something about vitamin D...I live near cleveland and it's rarely sunny so I am sure I don't get as much of that as I need. And omgoodness...that makes sense why I feel SO much better taking my meds for acid relux disease...like I don't have the common symptoms and just take it when need be...but i swear I feel invisible when they put me on that! Its made with magnesium! :)
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Thank you...and I posted one reply so you should read my comment above this one too ;)) But I wanted to say thank you to both for advice! ...I really need help...I keep getting so sick the more athletic I am...and each time it gets harder to get back up and do what I love for fear of the symptoms I get (tingly fingers/feet, heart beat feeling funny, sensation of not being able to breath even when I am calm and relaxing...it's weird cuz it's like I'm breathing but not getting oxygen...not like panicking or anxiety).
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