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Food allergy - salmon

I'm unsure if I'm having an allergic reaction when I consume Salmon. I've been tested for food allergies all of which came back negative. I'm unsure if I was tested for other fish besides shellfish. Over the past 2 weeks I've made salmon for dinner twice. Both times about two-four hours after eating the salmon I became extremely nauseous and vomited. I also seem to have moderate to severe pain in upper stomach when all this is happening. It lasted all night after dinner and the next day I seemed to be okay. I bought this salmon from two different stores on different weeks this month; so I assume food poisoning is unlikely. These two times were also the first two times of eating this type of fish. I've eaten tuna and have not experienced this. Could this be some type of food allergy or intolerance? Or is my stomach just not used to all the oilyness of the fish? I hope someone is able to answer my questions, Thanks!
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I too had that kind of allergic reaction, although I'm immune to fish allergy until I ate a Salmon last month & got acne after 5 hours, I thought it might be due to some poison in fish meat & I thought right because the fish that I brought I used it 3 time in 3 weeks & got acne, I then bought it from another location fresh Salmon & now I don't have any acne or any other allergic reaction.

Perhaps both of the locations from where you bought the Salmon were not right, try buying from another place & see if that can make a difference.

Good Luck!
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Good points listed above by BrandonMarx.

Also, if the reaction was delayed that's usually a better sign than immediate reaction but only a doctor can assess that.

Good Luck .. keep us posted!

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I do actually know someone who reacts badly to salmon but seems to be able to tolerate white fish and all those crustaceans that I myself can't eat.  I don't know if he did allergy testing or if he went with how he reacted to various fishes, but I do know that salmon will make him very sick to his stomach.  So, he definitely can't eat salmon.  Every time he tried in the past he paid for it.  That would be a good enough reason to not like salmon for him.
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Since you have tested negative for the allergy tests, your symptoms are unlikely to be due to the fish. The other causes for your symptoms could be due to peptic ulcer disease, GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), indigestion or malabsorption. Maintain a food dairy and try to identify those foods which are likely to produce your symptoms and avoid them. If your symptoms keep recurring then consult your primary care physician. Hope this helped and do keep us posted. Warm regards.
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I didn't vomit but I got nauseous from salmon too. I feel it in my stomach and I would think the oil is causing this. Also I think baking it is causing it. I don't like eating salmon raw that much, but I remember it's okay when I do, so I would think that baking does something to the salmon, and the oil isn't making it any better.

Just wanted to say it's very likely the salmon.
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It might've been the Teflon frying pan. It gave a nasty smell and I ended up with a headache probably from eating the omelettes I made with it. The inventor DuPont seemed to have said it's safe but after yesterday I don't believe that's true.

I still have this headache today.
That's interesting.
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I'm assuming it is a food allergy. I have the same issue with both salmon and also tuna prepared medium rare or rare. Lox and bagels used to be an enjoyable treat for me but now I just throw up if I eat it. No answers so far except a guess at food allergies. Similar pain and symptoms also occur with sunflower or pumpkin seeds. I can eat any type of nut, popcorn, and also salad so I do not believe it is IBS.
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I have had the same reaction to salmon hence me goggling the probability of some sort of allergic reaction. I have had salmon twice over the last month or so and both times i ended up with a very upset stomach which eventually lead to vomiting. I had it raw (sushi) no reation that i can remember. For now its off the table.
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