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Help! Stomach sickness on Elimination diet. What can I eat?!?

Not sure where else to post this, but figured many of you have had experience with similar diets.

I was put on a modified elimination diet 3 weeks ago in the hopes of finding the cause of my years-long migraines, dizziness, and general fatigue and unwellness, and bringing down inflammation, which I have a lot of. Basically can't have most common allergens, especially milk, gluten, eggs, soy, peanuts, and anything processed. Food sensitivity tests showed I have the typical leaky gut stuff and react especially to all dairy and eggs, and even some veggies, garlic, onion. I should be at the stage where I start adding foods back in, but leave out the "no no's" from the tests.

In the last few days, though, I've suddenly had a lot of stomach pain and constant nausea, throwing up when I try to eat solid meals. Even on an empty stomach, it hurts a lot! That seems to be from gas/bloating, since taking a Gas-X helps for a little bit, but nausea is constant. I have no clue what brought it on, since I've been so careful not to cheat in the diet.

The problem is, I'm quite skinny, tend to be hypoglycemic and NEED some nutrition! I can't keep anything down. I don't know if this is a stomach flu or some weird reaction to the new diet and just to wait it out, but I need to eat something in the meantime, and have no idea WHAT, since I'm so restricted. Normally I'd drink a slimfast shake or chicken noodle soup with a stomach bug, but those are off the list. I contacted my doctor and she said to stop even the protein shake powder she has me on, in case that's what is causing a reaction...but in the meantime, what CAN I eat!? I'm a little frustrated and don't know what to do...I'm really hungry and weak...this has now been going on for a few days. I've been living off those shakes and a little brown rice when I can tolerate it, but I'm not sure it's enough.

Can anyone give me guidance on what I can eat on this diet that my stomach might tolerate, without hurting it more? Is there maybe a smoothie I can make or something, or do raw fruits and veggies irritate the stomach?
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Hey lacigrl,
Welcome to the forum.
You're describing my daughter!
I'm on the go now, so this is a short post.
Get extra virgin coconut oil. Start with 2 tablespoons daily
and after a week increase to 3, and week 3 increase to 4.
You may have a moderate herxheimer reaction initially. Stay with it though.
It gives you energy, does not store as fat and it does not put any strain on your pancreas. Avoid simple carbs in general. Consume quality protein
like chemical free chicken and red meat, mercury free fish and fresh organic vegetables, staying away from all starchy foods and dairy and anything with sugar even carrots and fruit!
I'll post again soon. Look into the GAPS and the SCD programs-for the time being-if they relate to your situation.
Wish you well.
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Hey lacigirl,
I'm back.
There may be a low grade yeast infection, one that may have lingered around for a few years, feeding off your carbs and creating havoc in your body.
The EVCO being a potent ant-fungal along with the other suggestions should help contain this (possible) infection. Plan to stick with it for a while.
Like a month per year since the onset-(symptoms may appear much later!) so add a couple years at least. So if you suspect it all started let's say 5 yrs ago add 2 more, so you need to stay on the program for 7 months PROVIDED it is safe to do so and there are no other infections or conditions.
Best, do a saliva test-YouTube search- or check with your doctor.
There's a product called Digestacure that addresses a lot of digestive and
GI issues with a money back guarantee if the instructions are followed properly. However you do not need to buy it. I could not find anything proprietary in it. It is based on aloe polysaccharides and one could use aloe vera leaf gel instead, to supplement on their own.
I couldn't find anything proprietary in their formula.
My suggestion would be to mix a few drops of  lab grade DMSO* (dimethyl sulphoxide) with a couple tablespoons of high quality aloe vera leaf gel. If the odor is a bit offensive you may want to add some folic acid powder.
Rub this lightly on your torso, legs and arms, until  absorbed well (15-20') and then shower.
Once a day for therapeutic purposes and twice a week for maintenance.
Safe and efficient delivery, as the body absorbs what it needs gradually, by-passing the digestive system. It might take a couple weeks before any improvement would be experienced.
Please research this, as it may be helpful.
My advice does not constitute professional consultation.
* To be applied on very clean skin only! DMSO is a powerful driver.
Take care,

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