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Identifying food allergens in controlled diet by reintruduction.

I have (had) Pansinusitus since June 2015, and I had several courses of antibiotics and Cortizol sprays and inhalers, which contributed to my eye sickness, which I only diagnosed a year later (CSCR)
I struggled a lot with breathing, hissing in my lungs and a severe blocked nose, and a LOT of mucus. I used boxes and boxes of tissue.
During August 2016 I took action, and visited a lot of specialists. This included: Pulmonologist / ENT Otorhinolaryngologists / CT Scan / Allergy tests / Blood Tests / Opthalmologist / Optometrist etc.
I will be operated on in January to remove my polips, and to reconstruct my deviated Septum.

After all my diagnosises of Pansinusitus, deviated septum, and my CSCR, which prevent me from taking Cortizol, I decided to go on an extreme diet of Fruit and Veg, with Oats and home made Soya milk and Honey in the morning.
As a realist, I did not really believe that it will solve anything, but after 6 days I got rid of my blocked nose. After 10 days I managed to smell some things, and now after 2 weeks on this diet, I havent blown my nose in 14 hrs (and counting) I still have "hissing" on my lungs in the late morning, but is a lot better.

Now, my question is:
How do I identify my allergy, which causes my blocked nose / polips etc??
Should I start by introducing possible culprit foods like milk or weat or glucose etc, or should I start with meat, and other foods that are not normally considdered troublesome, although they might in turn be mucus-producing food.
I dont fancy not eating pizza, meat or bread, or not drinking any alcohol for the rest of my life..
I will be doing another complete allergy test tomorrow. The previous allergy test only showed an allergy to Ash, Grass, Rye, and Plantain pollen.
Milkprotein was tested negative (!)
I was tested for Milkprotein, Dustmites, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Guinea pigs, Rabbit, Hamster, Mold Fungus (Alternaria, Cladosporium, Penicillium mix, Aspergillus), Hasel, Birch, Ash, Rye, Plantain, Mugwort, and Ragweed Pollen.
Any suggestions?
I uploaded pictures of my CT scan on my profile.
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Hello~I would start adding one food at a time, start with the ones you feel could be the culprit first and take it from there, when you start to have the symptoms again, you will then know which food/s to avoid.
Thank you
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All great questions to ask your allergist. My kids went 3-5 days inbetween introduction of new foods and we easily identified their culprits.  I realize your post is rather old and really hope you are doing much better!  C~
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