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Is it a pimple, a wart, a skin tag, or something else?

I'm a 22 year old female and have a small growth (about a quarter volume of a standard pencil eraser) outside of my upper outer labia, almost where the leg closes, in the pubic hair region. It's been there for over half a year. I got it after shaving there one day. It changes appearance, especially if I shave again or pick at it. It doesn't hurt or itch at all. I'm sexually active but we are each others' first and only partner.

It's similar in shape to a pencil eraser, like a wart, but has a sort of flat side to it, like a smooth skin tag. It's raised about the width of a nickle. Sometimes it's pink and small but it can get irritated and turns red. Just yesterday it was the biggest and reddest I've seen it, almost the same shape and size as an eraser, and had a little yellow head and clear fluid, a tiny bit of blood, but I can't really pop it. It's soft and a little stretchy. I almost want to cut it off.

I really think it's a pimple but why is it there for so long and in such a wart/skin tag-like shape? I'm embarrassed to get it looked at due to it being close to my private area. I don't think it'll an ingrown hair either.
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Do NOT pop it or pick at it.  That can make it become infected and then it is a REAL problem.  Leave it alone.  Got any doctors visits coming up?  Have your doc look at it.  Could it be a genital wart?  
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