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Is this a gluten allergy

Recently I have been told I might have a gluten sensabilty.

I have been tested for Celiacs Disease and my Iga Serum number was 66 (range 82 - 454).

My tTG Ab, IgA number was less than 20.

So, I have been ruled out for Celiacs disease.

But I am being told by a "nutritionist" that he believes I am Gluten sensative and should go on a Gluten free diet.

His reasonings are that I have IBS and my blood type.

I do not get sick when I eat any breads, oatmeal, or anything in that spectrum.

I do have IBS, but the things that affect me (and it is not all the time) is greasy food, Chinese food, popcorn, and beer.

Anyone have any thoughts?  I am in the believe that I have IBS, but I am open to other peoples experiences.
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Try changing just a few things in your diet if your budget permits,  it might cost you 5 - 10 $ per week, but you should feel a a lots better after just 1-2  weeks.

eat a gluten free diet,  replace milk products with   rice  or soya milk, the benefits a enormous,  calcium is better absorbed by the body if you take these kind of milk.   you can still eat yogourt..  have  goat's cheeses.
B-vitamins and omega 3  are a must.  
so just with these small changes, you should feel much better.

I have and I'M doing great.
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