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Mango Allergy

On possibly 2 or 3 occasions recently I have felt varying levels of unwellness after eating Mango fruit.  Not necessarily from touching the fruit (since I was not the one who prepared the smoothie), but following ingestion of the fruit pulp itself.  All incidences have been within the last 12 months.  I'm not even sure if Mango is the trigger, but on all 3 occasions I can think of, Mango was an ingredient.

First, eating dried Mango - began with simply feeling "off" - almost light-headed but not really.  Just not well.  No itching, redness, swelling, etc., just not well.  I assumed at the time that the dried fruit was treated with Sulphur Dioxide, to which I know I have a sensitivity.  So I ate only a2 or 3 bites and stopped.  The un-well feeling passed within and hour.

Second, again dried fruit, but in what I purchased labelled "unsulphured" and in a trail mix.  I didn't think much about it being the mango possibly at that time.  Just that I had that same unwell feeling and figured that the trailmix may have been miss-labelled or cross-contaminated (bulk product.)  This time I felt more unwell, more off-kilter, felt like I could not focus straight ahead.  Closed my eyes (riding in the car) and rested until it passed.

Third, drinking a juice / nearly pulp-free smoothie containing banana, mango, grapefruit, kiwi and strawberries with almond milk.  Within 2 minutes of finishing approx 12 oz of the juice I began feeling very light-headed (standing), then dizzy and my stomach became very upset.  I could see the room spin although I could stand upright and walk straight.  However, I sat to avoid any fall or injury.  Within 5 minutes of finishing the drink I began to vomit and have severe "vertigo" (as it was later diagnosed) and vomiting off and on for nearly and hour.  At that time my sister took me to the ER where I was treated for "vertigo" and dehydration (vomiting) with medication for both.  Within 2 hrs all symptoms subsided, but I felt unwell and slept off and on for the day.

Just recently, not yet putting all of these incidences together, I purchased a mango for a smoothie at home.  I handled the mango and cut it - no contact-allergy at that point from the skin.  However, as soon as I cut the mango open, the smell seem highly chemical (organic fruit) and I felt nauseated.  

Is this possibly all coincidence or truly an allergic reaction?  I've eaten mango in the years past but didn't notice any problem.  However, I also developed a nearly-deadly allergy to penicillin about the same time (oft treated with this as a child.)  Everything I see about mango-allergy is contact-type from urushiol and such.  I like mangoes but can live without!

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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Hi, understand your predicament. Mangoes, once we like the taste are difficult to avoid. As you have developed repeatedly the symptoms after consumption of mangoes, it could be an allergic reaction. It is possible to develop allergic reaction to substances, to which we did not exhibit a reaction before. We can develop allergies to different things throughout our lifetimes as the allergy develops in response to a repeated stimulus.  If you haven't undergone formal allergy testing, that might be beneficial.  A mango allergy can be confirmed with either a skin prick test or blood test that detects the IgE immunoglobulin.  Avoidance is the best option, but allergies can usually be treated successfully with antihistamines. Under a doctor's supervision, foods that have caused allergies in the past can sometimes be added slowly back into the diet. Regards.

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As you ate the fruit a few times without it being mixed in a smoothie, then it is highly likely that you are definitely allergic to the fruit.

Because it makes you feel so unwell, it is best to avoid consuming, it in any shape, way, or form.

Our bodies may be fine for years with things and then all of a sudden an adverse reaction or an allergy begins.

Have you noticed whether you get the same reaction when you eat other fruit that his high in Vitamin C?

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I've read online that poison ivy, cashew, & pistachios can be considered cousins of mango .. I've also read that mango may cross-react with latex.  There are certain fruits that people are allergic to when they also have a latext allergy.  Do you have any latex-allergy symptoms?

Just a few more pieces of info to help you solve your puzzle.

I hope you are doing okay and I suspect mango or a nut may be the suspect Do have any issues with almonds?

Severe GI symptoms can be considered serious, so I'm glad you went to the ER as you did.


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