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Maybe someone can help.

My story is similar to others on here but hopefull just different enough that someone can offer some help.  I'll be brief.  Things are going great then in August of 2004 had to have emergency because two diverticulum ruptured and I had 12 inches of my colon removed.  A few months after that I had two ulcers perforate then the following year I had my gall bladder removed then a few kidney stones.  I seemed to rebound froom all of that but about 2 years ago I noticed something strange begin to develop.

I used to eat lots of ice cream whenn one day after eating a banana split I did not feel so good.  Painful gas, bloating, lots of belching, constipation, migraine headaches, joint pain and became dizzy.  Brushed it off as something weired and went on.  What was uncomfortable became quite painful after eating ice cream so I decided I was lactose intollerant and eliminated all dairy.  That seemed to help for awhile.

Then I noticed that after eating pizza I felt bad.  Well...I'm sure there may be some dairy in a slice of pizza but not enough to make me sick so I concluded I was Gluten intollerant.  That seemed to help for awhile then the symptoms returned.  

After that I have tried every kind of diet in an effort to determin what what making me sick.  I quit eating sugar, dairy, wheat, tomatoes, anything starchy....yet nothing seemed to be clear cut.  For several months I was litterally affraid to eat.  I was down to grilled chicken and spinich each day as the only thing I could eat.  I mean almost anything I ate made me sick.  Of course the doctors wanted me on all kinds of antidepressants and refused to do any kind of vitamin deficiency test.  So I've suffered for over a year.

I did go to an allergist and tested for 36 different seasonal allergies but she could not tell me if I was allergic to any certain foods.  I'm basically allergic to the state I live in and would love nothing more than to move the the Florida Gulf coast.

Anyway...here I am today still fighting this problem.  Here is the strange thing.  Today my wife sent a German Chocolate cake to work with me and that stuff is like CRACK COCAINE to me and I did nto have the will power and ate several slices today and did not notice any reaction.  This is very strange as I have this happen a lot.  Just when I'm convincenced that my problem is Gluten I go and eat a piece of cake and never have a problem.

Here is my point.  The past 2 weeks I ran accross a website listing the firtures of Vitamn B12 and how this vitamin helps with digestion and depression.  THey list of symptoms due toa low b12 count have me right in the cross hairs and it appears I fit all of the symptoms.  Given this I went to the local health food store and purchased the most expensive B12 pill they had and went to town.  The instructinos on the box said only 1 tab per day....I've been taking 3 and am just now starting to see minor results.  My biggest result is my anxiety has been greatly reduced.  I'm not getting excited yet.

I'm rambling...sorry.  Writing is not a gift I have.  Here is the long & short.  One day I could eat hamburgers..the next I could not.  One day I could eat a banana split...the next day I could not.  One day I was able to drink a Coke...teh next day I was not.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!  Why would my body all of a sudden become allergic to the most basic of foods?  Thanks in advance for any directino.
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this may sound off the subject at first, but hear me out, my daughter, now 10, suffers from hives on and off.  i had taken her to her doctor several times when she was a baby and told they could preform the allergy tests, but they are long and painful, and may be fruitless and i was advised to change everything, one thing at a time, until they stopped.  in my ten year battle, i have learned this she is definitely allergic to at least one of the chemicals in mr bubble bubble bath, heat makes it worse, and so does anxiety.  she still has breakouts, sometimes going many months between, then all of a sudden she's covered head to toe for days on end with no change to anything we normally perchase in the entire house.  
so here is my point, perhaps you are allergic to two or more food products, but the reaction is only present when you eat a combination, and perhaps temperature and your anxiety over all this mess increases your reaction.  
have you tried speaking with a nutritionist that will not profit from putting you on meds?  and take it easy on the b12, you could end up with more side effects from that.  you sound just like my husband, german chocolate cake and all!  good luck to you sir!
ps, your writing was fine, the length is what drew me in
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My 10 year old son is experiencing your begining symptoms.  He has always had issues with constipation even as a baby, so we knew there was something going on in his tummy but never figured it out.  Then suddenly one day he could not eat ice cream without experiencing extreme pain/discomfort and diarrhea.  We didnt know what to make of that because drinking milk created no problem.  In the last 5 months his body gradually told us that he is lactose intolerant and we have cut out all milk and cream products.  He can still eat cheese in limited quantities.  We found lactose free milk the other day and he begged me to get it - two helpings of this and he was covered in hives.  

Now, this may sound off topic but bear with me.  Years ago I suddenly developed a sensitivity to MSG.  I was covered in hives.  First I couldnt have anything that had a large quantity of MSG - first 5 ingredients, within 2 months I couldnt have one tiny itsy bitsy grain of anything with MSG in it.  within 2 years the sensitivity had passed.  Over the years I have developed sudden reactions to foods I have consumed my entire life, for a year it was coffee, lately it was beer and now bread.  These senitivities come and go, the identification is the bother.  My MD told me that I have a hyperactive immune system and to stay away from anything that will bolster it - no echinacea etc...

SO,,,, perhaps your sensitivity to lactose is ramping up and the lactose in cheese set you off - or you are switching sensitivities like I did.  Your previous answer has a point too, mixing substances may be the trigger.   I am sorry I could not really help, but know you are not alone.  ONe thing I have found that helps is drinking huge amounts of water since it seems to help flush the crap outta my system.

With these allergy issues, often thinking out of the box and seeing practitioners of alternative medicine seems to be beneficial.  We have a homeopathic Dr in Seattle who has helped several of my friends identify their food triggers.  THe kids and I will be seeing her shortly.  Ask around your town.

BTW - ZippFizz energy drink has 40,000% of the usrda for B12.  It rocks.
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