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Milk allergy - daisy sour cream safe and real butter?

My allergist said daisy sour cream is okay as well as real butter. I am still getting some excess mucous in my throat after eating sour cream..... Is it true that daisy sour cream is safe in milk allergies?

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Hi there, the daisy sour cream may not have preservatives or additives, but it is likely to have milk components.  Also butter, this is high in fat content and low in milk component. You could avoid both and see if it is helping with your symptoms. Or you could try alternatives like soy sour cream. It is not a milk product, but is interchangeable in most recipes with the real thing. So, try this. Regards.
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Thank you Pamela. I am actually allergic to soy too and egg. It's awful, my list was quite long. I was so happy to hear I could have butter and sour cream still and she told me it was the protein that I would be allergic to and since there is none in the butter or sour cream that it would be fine.... I thought it sounded funny though. :(
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Some people tell me that Duck eggs are different than chickens and some people that are allergic to them can eat the duck eggs.   I am afraid to try it but will soon.  I am also allergic to eggs, and dairy and should not consume too much soy as I have a thyroid condition.   My Dr. wants me off all grains and glutens too, as if it wan't bad enough but I have been having much abdominal pain on the right side so maybe he is right.   N0510
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I have a thyroid problem too, hyperthyroid. I had been eating a lot of soy at one point because I had read it was good for hyperthyroid lol.

I don't think I could try duck eggs. I dunno. :)
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