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Milk allergy?

For some time (ever since I had my gallbladder removed in 2008, in fact), I have been having problems whenever I drink milk: a couple of hours later, I get ferocious stomach pain and flatulence that smells of milk, quite often also diarrhoea. So I switched to lactose-free milk, but this has not brought about any improvement whatsoever. Skimmed milk is just as bad as full fat, so it can't be the fat content either.
My mother told me I had to have a special milk formula when I was a baby because I couldn't digest normal formula, and I have never liked dairy products, but I never had any problems like this until now (I'm now 46).
Obviously the problem doesn't seem to be related to lactose, so what on earth could be going on?
Thanks in advance for your replies.
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I absolutely think lactose intolerance is the issue here.  Lactose intolerance can come about at any age and for random reasons.  I got it after I had my first child.  There are different levels of intolerance and thus different amounts people can handle.  I rarely ever drink a glass of milk.  I find that is isn't a problem when I put it in my cereal.  In fact, it helps to keep me regular.  The gas is still a bit of a hindrance.  Usually kids laugh hysterically when someone farts but my kids are so used to me farting that they don't even bat an eyelash anymore.  LOL  Also, skim milk has a higher lactose content than whole milk.  I only get the whole milk.  Last week my hubby accidentally grabbed the skim and I ended up having to just throw it away because I couldn't tolerate even a little.  You can give the Lactaid tablets or milk a try.  I personally think all the milk alternatives are too sweet.  I don't need the Lactaid because I can keep it under control as long as I only have it in my cereal.    
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Thanks for your reply! Thing is though, lactose-free milk causes exactly the same symptoms, so surely there must be something else going on here?
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Have you tried soy milk?  I'm also lactose-intolerant too and also been drinking Lactaid -Fat Free.  In your case you may have to avoid milk products all together since they sound like they're doing more harm than good.
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Hi Alderica

you must leave all foods made with flour. White flour especially. You may have food made with corn / maize, as much as you like. You may have potatoes as much, as you like. So you get in your carbs and feel fine.
Gluten allergy is what you have.
This sets off or is triggered when you drink milk. Try it for two weeks and you will see an amazing difference.
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