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Milk protein allergy?

Ive been tested for probably everything under the sun. The only answer I found was when I had my upper G.I. test which showed inflammation in the upper small intestine. G.I. doc tested me for Celiac, which showed negative. As Ive started thinking more and more, when I was working out I remember I couldnt find a protein powder that sat well with me. I kept switching. Milk, and dairy of such doesnt give me diarrhea or pain, like common lactose tolerance symptoms. Milk just alters my stools, turning them light colored after a few days of drinking it. So does sour cream and ice cream. I dont have this problem with cheese, and the lactose tolerance pills did not make a difference in this, because I tried them.

For a while my doctor couldnt get my iron up, and we couldnt figure out why. I made two changes, I quit cheese the only dairy prodcut left I consumed, and I added copper. She called me and said my labs looked great and better than ever. I dont know which one made the difference. I added copper because I took zinc a few years back hardcore something like 50-100mg a day for sleeping and testosterone benefits. After a while I just up and started having bowel problems, and was very fatigue. I just dont know which one, Ive quit taking copper only did so for 3 weeks, but now thinking of stopping cheese again.

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Most cheese have milk protein in them I think (caseine) so avoiding cheese is a good idea to see how you feel. Milk can cause lots of issues . . . hope you feel better soon!
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