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Multiple (ridiculous amount) food allergies

So...where to start?

I have had severe stomach/gastro issues for years now ( I am 35 ) and I am just looking for relief. I have seen an allergist since I was about 18 years old, but at that time was only looking into environmental allergies. I tried allergy shots back then but had a anaphylatic reaction to the shots and had to be sent to the ER - so shots are a no-go for me. I havee also had random anaphylatic reactions to a hair relaxer, and Augmentin ( the antibiotic). Other than those issues, I have only been plagued with a "terrible stomach". I have seen a Gastro over maybe a years time, and he did all of the following: Colonoscopy/EGD, Gastric Emptying Scan, X-Rays, Hidaa Scan, CT Scan, Ultrasound. He was fairly thorough....and everything including multiple blood panels have always came up negative. Still, severe Right upper Quad/mid Quad pain prevails. I also have daily indigestion/belching/gas and bloating. Every time I eat I literally balloon up like I am 6 months pregnant and of course that causes discomfort :/ I feel like I have to keep seeking help or I am not going to be around much longer. This pain is very debilitating, and I have two children who rely on me. Every day is a constant struggle of " what am I going to eat today", and " what reaction/how severe of a reaction will I have with this meal". There is no " safe food" I feel, or I am still reacting to whatever I have eaten previously so it just feels like I am reacting to a "safe food" when I am really reacting still to the previous meals no-no.

I have had allergy testing probably 6 times since I was 18....twice in the past year just to confirm that the first was truly accurate. My allergist is a great guy, but simply cannot help me very much. He says "eliminate the foods and carry an epi-pen. However, when you see my list of foods to eliminate because I reacted to them, I do not know how/what to eat and still get all of the nutrients needed. i made an appointment with a dietitian who only looked at me and told me what potions of each food group I SHOULD eat. When I told her I was allergic to those foods, she couldn't assist me any further. I feel like I will have constant pain for the rest of my life because I cannot get the food allergies under control. And seriously....who reacts to everything?!?!

My list is as follows:

(Scale is 0-4, with 0 being negative, 1 slight pos, 2 mild pos, 3 pos, 4 strong pos)

Cantaloupe - 4
Cherry - 3
Sesame Seed-4
Pepper, Green-3

Histamine Control-3

Environmental Allergies

D. Farinae-4
D Petronyss-4
Tree mix 5-4
Tree Mix 6-4
South Grass-4
Weed 2630-4

Histamine Control-3

Meet and Dairy and shellfish were all "0's" but I am severely lactose intolerant. I buy lactaid milk, but ice-cream and cheese kill me with the instant bloat/gas/belching/pain.

So, What is a girl to do? To eat just Meat and Veggies and drink water would be do-able if only I could find Veggies that were on the "OK" list. So far that is Cauliflower. So a diet of Meat, Cauliflower and water? Doesn't seem very feasible to me :/

Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated!!
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Wow. I have been recently diagnosed with multiple food allergies. I am also struggling to find things to eat. It is a major lifestyle change that most people do not understand. Entire menus of food are off limits to us. I am currently dining on a delicious (NOT!) mixture of carrots, eggplant, peppers and rice with garlic and oregano. A few weeks ago I tried making my own granola with stuff I thought I wasn't allergic to. I was wrong.
You have to experiment a bit with recipes is some advice I've tried to follow. But, many days I am just eating separate foods without much flavor. I'm lucky that most of my reactions are not severe. I also have multiple environmental allergies like you do. It's tough girl, I know!
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. Up to 20% of the population perceive themselves as suffering from food allergy but only 1-2% of adults have genuine food allergies. The most common culprits are peanuts, milk, eggs, soya and shellfish. We can develop allergies to different things throughout our lifetimes as the allergy develops in response to a repeated stimulus.  Under a doctor's supervision, foods that have caused allergies in the past can sometimes be added slowly back into the diet. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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I have a couple of points from the course I'm taking right now for holistic nutrition (I also have a bachelor in cell biology and food allergies myself).

With that level of food allergies or intolerances, your digestive tract is very weak.  You need to do everything to strength the digestive tract, liver and gallbladder since they are all necessary for proper digestion.  This involves a high quality probiotic (make sure it is hypoallergenic!!), digestive enzymes and hychloric acid.

When one's digestive tract is unable (for whatever reason- poor microflora, inflammation, genetic reason etc) to properly breakdown food - it can become "leaky" which allows large food particles (that normally would not be present) to move around the body and cause inflammation and symptoms in the digestive tract and/or other areas of the body.  Severe leaky guts cannot handle any type of food and one must go through a physician with experience of IV nutrition for a week or two will the body is allowed to heal.  Once the digestive tract has healed itself (takes 3 weeks to completely replace all the cells in the lining), normally one can handle numerous foods that caused symptoms before (unless there is a true allergy).

A formula that my textbook has to improve overall digestion is below (I still STRONGLY suggest you find a highly experienced naturopath in food allergies before attempting anything like this because of the severity of the reactions and number of sensitivities).
-betaine hydrochloride 88mg
-pepsin 188mg
-pancreatin 8X 27.5mg
-bile 88mg
-bromelain 44g
-papain 188mg
-peppermint 66g

Hope that gives you some info to work towards healing that stomach!
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Hi sweetie, I am in the same boat as you! you're not alone although you and I both feel we are. I have a long list as well and its just insane! i seen 6 allergist and they told me not to rely on the tests anymore cause they are not accurate. also Tammy is right about "leaky gut syndrome" look it up please i'm sure we have it. I know a girl who had a bad milk allergy and egg and soy allergy and went on the leaky gut diet and cured herself from all allergies and now she can eat anything she wants, all within 3 months! And not everyone is the same though but it gives me hope. the diet is no sugar, no grains, no dairy and its hard for me i havent tried the diet yet since i am allergic to most veggies and fruit =( but please add me on here and write me we can keep in touch i would like that. good luck to you.
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Hi.  I'm just getting into this whole food intolerance / allergy world.  I have felt like crap on and off for the past 12 years, maybe 4 times getting very sick.  I've had my blood tested a lot, have ruled out anemia, thyroid, etc. and never food allergy come up until I started tracking it myself. Everyone blamed it on stress.  I'm very fatigued, in a lot of muscle / nerve pain, lose consciousness sometimes, and eventually it becomes gastritis.

So, I've been to an allergist.  They didn't tell me really anything, but I guess the scratch test isn't that reliable b/c it mainly assess what is going to cause you to itch / get red, not necessarily internal issues. Also, a lot of GP's aren't very familiar with stomach issues.  They put it to IBS, leaky gut, gastro and don't find the cause, only the symptom. But, when your body is very run down your system is so much more sensitive, which could be why you are reacting to almost everything.

I have also been given a sensitivity list a mile long and I don't know if I truly believe that in the long run these will all be issues.

I have been told I need to get my stomach in control before I can long-term fix things.  I am working with a Naturopath.  One thing you can do is take Benadryl on a fairly consistent basis to minimize some of the inflammation. I guess people with many food allergies do this, my only warning is it can cover some of the symptoms and you should only lean on it when things are really bad.  Also, there is a thing called BIE  - it's a bit wonky, but in theory it's suppossed to get your body back to homeostasis and then you can reintroduce foods. http://livnutrition.ca/?page_id=402

I'm not sure if my issue is simply IBS (in which case you need to modify a lot and figure out the tricks of your stomach) or a proper intolerance.  For instance, you could be a celiac.  If you are eating the wrong thing all the time your gut is always going to be upset, and therefore all foods - particularly with sugar and acid will bother you.  But, there are many helpful supplements you can take as well - try L Glutamine, Magnesium Calm, and probiotic.  These are all things that my Naturopath has encouraged.

Either way - good luck, but know that it's not a quick and easy fix.  Also, you can try following the anti-candida diet b/c when your system is messed up you can get a candida overgrowth - and that can cause a lot of false positives for allergy.
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You sound like me, I just got told I have HFCS, which is High Fructose Corn Syrup.. Get a Lactose intolerance test done. I recommend it.
I can barely eat any foods sold in America, because it has 13 banned chemircals in all its foods, juices, pop, candies, chocolate, baby foods, you name it. I have to buy food online, as this chemicals are really banned in other countries... Get back to me if you wanna know more....
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Allergists (like a disturbingly large majority of the allopathic medical practitioners) are sorely misinformed on this subject.

I have and do continue to suffer from the very same set of circumstances you find yourself in. See a naturopath (or really anyone who has doesn't have a vested interest in 'the comeback'), heal yourself using as many natural methods as possible, take a daily high quality probiotic and bone broth is your friend! (also ignore anyone outright who starts spouting off about true allergies, etc - they are repeating what they read or were told by their [likely also an idiot] "doctor".)

I come from a medical household (parents & spouse), I have nothing but respect for true medical professionals, the problem is there are only about 12 of them left in the US and they are nearing the point of vomiting over our horrid system of sickcare.

It was our horrible system of industrial food and poisonous "medicine" that led to the creation of your very problem. Do not seek advice from those that contribute to such a system of perverted ruinous behaviour.
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it's been a while of posting this thread,
but maybe you're gonna read this.

I'm not sure if this gonna work but talk with your allergist and ask him if "Daosin" can help you to handle you allergies... Maybe you can deal some of them and enjoy a little bit more of your life!

hope it's gonna work for you!
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