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Nut allergy

I am a 30 year old female and because of some heart rate issues ( that my cardiologist insists are benign) my primary care doctor ordered some extra blood work. He tested me for some allergies. I have had seasonal allergies for over 15 years so the results of having many tree pollen allergies didn't surprise me at all. But the blood showe small allergy to peanuts. I was referred to an allergist. They did a skin prick test that showed a severe (based on the size of the hive) allergu to pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds and a light allergy to peanuts. I was prescribed an epi pen and was told to stay away from all nuts to be safe...but peanuts should be ok in moderation. I was shocked! I have eaten peanut butter and nuttella my entire life, I've had almonds and pistachio is my favorite ice cream flavor. Needles to say I went to get a second opinion. The other allergist said that he prefers blood work so he sent me to the lab. That showed and allergy to walnuts and almonds but not to pistachios or hazelnuts. I'm really confused. He also said that because I never had a reaction to nuts I don't need an epi pen but should stay away from treee nuts to be safe...ugghh I am more confused than ever! Can someone explain those resluts to me? Thank you in advance
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As I understand, the bloodwork reveals antibodies that have reacted to the food in the past so they are in your blood forever as a reaction, whereas a skin prick test is used sometimes and it reacts with the skin.  From what I've read there are many more variables involved with skin testing (like skin may react to some of the chemicals used, etc.).  Skin tests can show severe intolerances/sensistivies too mimicking the mucous membranes (linings of nose, etc.) in the body .. they swell.

Repeated exposure is the setup for severe reaction.  In other words, the more you ingest something you may be allergic to the more likely something may react at some time if you continue.  That's where the Dr suggested to stay away from the items probably.

If you are RAST blood test + you can react at any time .. I'd keep the Epi Pen filled and with my just in case.  I wouldn't want to have my first reaction without it.

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Thank you very much for your comment. I'm just overwhelmed with all of this as I never had a reaction... and found out by accident really. One of the allergists has said that if he would test 100 people for allergies almost half would test positive for something and not even know they have a true allergy. He also didn't say anything about the epi pen and didn't seemed worried.. totally different reaction than the allergist that did my skin testing.
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