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Problems with my lips

About 2 years ago, I was eating a hot dog and by accident, I burned my lip because it touched my lips.  The very next day I had bumps on my lips and spot where I burned myself was very dry.  My lips eventually started to peel off brown flecks.  After using tons of chapstick, it went away after a week or so.  However, ever since then, everytime I have eaten a hotdog my lips did the samething.  Now I have stopped hot dogs but it is still happening.  I went to a regular doctor and he said they were not cold sores.  Then I went to an allergy doctor, I found out I was allergic to black pepper, but I have been eating black pepper my entire life with no problem.  I did what the doctor said though and I stopped eating black pepper but my lips were still getting affected.  I know it happens if I eat hot dogs and many other heavily processed meats.  It has recently happened after I had some limeade and it touched my lips and I felt my lips burn.  I am willing to avoid any food or chemical to stop my lips from getting affected, but I don't know what to do.  If you have any advice, please let me know.
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I think it is because at the first time you burned you lips, the second time and so on means that the one skin that is covering your lips is thinner so it became more sensitive.
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I am only guessing here, but might a possible allergy you're experiencing be caused by sulfites?  The reason I'm saying this is that our world is so full of sulfites and many people are sensitive or allergic to these chemicals and don't even know it.  Here is a website someone sent a link to me to about sulfites:  http://www.fmi.org/media/bg/?fuseaction=sulfites

Here is another one:  http://www.housemouse.com/sulfites.htm

Perhaps simplifying your food sources to whole food items (not packaged or processed), which is something I have done will help you narrow down the culprits that are affecting you.  Sulfites affect people in many ways.  There are many chemicals that are in the sulfite category.  Since it's in so many things, you pretty much need to steer clear of the packaged and processed foods in order to figure out through a process of elimination which substances are affecting you.
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