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Question of the Month: June / July 2013

What food are you allergic to, and what was your first reaction?
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i had bad reaction to liquor. My extremities and face were swollen for hours and I could not breath or swallow.
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Peanuts, oysters, oats, lobster and crab. I had intestinal issues for years before being diagnosed.
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All the nuts, which makes my face flaring with acne vulgaris.
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I'm allergic to crawfish. My first reaction....(first time ever seeing crawfish) Before I could even close my mouth to chew, my throat began to close. I could literally feel my throat constricting. It hard to breathe. I was losing my breath. I stay away fro. Shellfish and Iodine.
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Im allergic to hummus.. I suppose it's the chickpeas. I got hives all, down my neck, side of my face, ans hand.. all on the right side of my body and it itched like crazy.
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I noticed a tingling sensation on my lips when I ate goat's cheese.  So I will avoid this now.
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Eel sauce!  Didn't know what it was on my Veggie sushi (Vegetarian, so didn't order it.)  Typical tingling around lips, then sore / tight throat, etc.  I make sure it's purely vegetarian now!  
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I get sores on my tongue from pineapple and walnuts.  I am probably not truly allergic but do treat it with respect in case it ever develops into something more serious.

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I developed allergies to fruits and vegetables about 8 years ago, i first discovered by drinking orange juice and next thing i know my eyes and throat were swollen shut. Now i just have to eat them lightly cooked and extra vitamin c
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I have a food alargy on vegetable and some fish and also buffer. Would you please tell me what to do to get ride of alargy.
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I have a fatty belly. How can I remove fat from my belly ?
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You need to stop eating the foods that cause you an allergic reaction.  You can try antihistamine tablets.  But as your body is having a reaction to those foods that you eat, it is better to avoid them.

As regard losing belly fat, is by losing weight through diet and exercise and keeping off fizzy and alcoholic drinks like beer.  Some people find that bread products make them very bloated.

Drink plenty of water.  2-3 litres is usually recommended.

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When I was a teenager I ate raw celery and my tongue became numb.

I am now allergic to raw and cooked celery and carrots (which are related to celery). And I get the whole gamut of allergic reaction symptoms down to choking on food/difficulty swallowing especially with celery.
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