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Son developed sudden allergy to milk?

About 3 months ago, our 4 year old son developed an impacted bowel.  He has been a milk drinker for about 2.5 years with no real issues, until recently.  Now I have kept him off the milk for about a couple of months and his bowels are back to normal.  Has he suddenly developed an allergy to it?  Or is his digestive habits just changing?
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Allergies can be grown "into" because repeated exposure heightens the body's response if there's a propensity to be allergic.  That's what we've been told.

I'd see an allergist and have him tested.  Constipation is a true sign of milk allergy although many don't realize it.

Good luck and do keep us posted!

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You can develop and allergy to anything at any point in your life. Or you can be intolerant of a particular food, which is not quite the same as an allergy.
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Thanks for the great input everyone on this, making some changes in diet has certainly helped.  Instead of chocolate milk we give him chocolate almond milk and that has become a satisfying alternative to him.

When I asked the doctor about milk which I thought was "good" for him she told me its actually one of the worst things for kids.  She said it's good for calcium but it causes so many problems.  I have always drank alternatives like almond milk to get the calcium, but never enforced it on my kids.  Now we all drink a little less milk.

The other thing helping too, is PediaLite Fiber Vitamin Gummies for kids, 3 of those are comparable to 21 spears of asparagus.
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What does Almond milk taste like?  Sweet, like rice milk?  Is it carob or chocolate?
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OHHH on the gummies .. those with ragweed allergies .. some of the gummies contain the immune boosting ingredient that actually is derived from the root of a plant .. I wish I could recall the name of it .... it's very common. OH OH --- Echinacea (not sure how to spell it).  Our allergist suggested we stay away from Echinacea due to my kids documented and symptomatic weed allergies.

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yes you are right with Echinacea anyone with a serious allergy to ragweed can not have a good reaction to it at all.  We are fortunate that both of our boys do not have any issues with it.  When they would get sick I gave them the non-alcohol tincture form of it to help with colds.  I have to be careful with any Benadryl or Claritin because it dries out the body including the bowels which can cause constipation.

The almond milk has a nutty flavor to it.  You can get it in unsweetened, chocolate, or vanilla.  The chocolate milk has cocoa in it which is why it has so many antioxidants.  So if someone is allergic to chocolate or has issues with constipation, it might not be the best alternative.  But our son so far has not been affected by the cocoa in the milk.
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I have heard that a person's system changes every 5 years, so, it is very possible to develop new allergies or sensitivities almost at any time, especially if your immune system is not up to par.

I did not know that constipation was a sign of allergy to milk, that is good to know Chit Chat.

I have never tried any other milk other than the "orginal cows milk" So, rice milk is good? I could not drink soy milk, I have a horrible allergy to soy, makes me sick as a dog.
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Yes, what was said about the connection of echinacea to ragweed allergies is correct.  The other one to watch out for with cross reactions is chamomile.  Same family, oddly enough.  Actually, all of the daisy family.  So, be on the watch for possible problems with sunflowers, such as the sunflower seed oil that is often used.

Sassy Lassie, I do think you'll enjoy rice milk.  It is probably the best alternative for people with a lot of allergies, such as yourself.  Almond milk is tasty, too, but if you have problems with nuts, you obviously want to steer clear of that one.  Rice Dream is the most famous name of rice milk alternatives.  I find rice milks to be a bit watery tasting compared to real milk, but I do still like it fine.  Since soy milk is usually made with unfermented soy (Mercola says this is bad in of itself) and most of this soy is GMO, you are actually better off staying away from soy milk anyway.  Soy is also one of the more common allergens that people can be fully allergic to or sensitive to.   Oh, yes, constipation is definitely a sign of sensitivity to real milk, even if one doesn't test positive to the allergy.

Because of cross reactions, some people unfortunately cannot even have goat's milk or sheep's milk if they're allergic to cow's milk.  But, others who have cow milk allergy can have goat milk.  It's kind of a peculiar thing that definitely varies from person to person.
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I have heard that Goat's milk is a very healthy alternative, but accessibility to this can be hard depending on where you are.  FurballsMom is right with the soy products that are GMOs unfortunately :(  Soy used to have a positive benefit but now that it's being modified you can no longer tell if what you are getting is the real think or a genetically modified filler.  Amazing that they even use this as a filler in hamburgers to make it go further.

OMG I am excited to report about the Flaxseed milk we just bought this weekend.  I made pancakes with it and the kids loved them.  For some reason it made my pancakes very fluffy and tender.  What a great way to sneak in some Omega3s!
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My son developed a true dairy allergy at 6 yrs old. He broke out in full body hives. Got tested for allergies and the doc said no allergy to casein(?) Or whey but he broke out again a week later from dairy. Have been dairy free for 6 mos. And no more hives. I feel the same as most about soy products ( no gmos please). But have found many alternate products (butter, milk, yogurt) made with coconut. Coconut has many vitamins and minerals in it that rice and soy products do not, and biggest bonus, coconuts are non gmo. They just can not figure out how to corrupt natures bounty, thank goodness for us.
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