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Throat tightens when drinking water??

So I've been noticing for the past few years that every time I drink water, my throat gets really tight and it almost feels as if I can't breathe. And I have a deathly allergy to bee stings that feels very similar, which made me guess that it could be an allergy. So I began trying different types of water. So far the absolute worst is tap water, then bottled water(spring water) is slightly less, and the least problematic is distilled. However they all give me the same result, it's just that some are worse than others. It wasn't until I did something horribly risky that I found some water that didn't bother my throat....I had taken a sip of water from a stream on my way home from the grocery store because I was insanely thirsty.

Of course I can't actually drink that water, but this is getting to be a problem. I'm really thirsty :( ! I've learned that I CAN barely drink the distilled if I sip it over a long period of time, but my throat is still grumpy about it.

This is driving me nuts and I've no way to see my doctor before the end of the month. Does anyone know what this could be, or what I could do? I'm really very thirsty and drinking milk just isn't cutting it anymore. Or lemonade even.
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Thats strange I've never heard of this. If you were just drinking bottled, then I would say maybe its the plastic. I really don't know what it could be because if it was the chlorine in the tap water, why would it be happening with the distilled water,,,,sorry but I just don't know..

Hope someone can give you an answer..
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I have the same thing happen to me. Sometimes I feel like I have to cough or gag even. My water comes from a well underground and the thing I can think might be the copper in my pipes but other than that I'm confused just like you are.
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Oh wow, this is a problem, our bodies need water to stay well. Have you discussed this with your doctor, if not, I certainly would, you can't avoid water all of your life. I wish I had a better answer, but this one has me confused for sure. Good luck.
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Maybe you actually have an allergy towards water. I've heard of this happening. Do some research on it and see if you can find anything about it and make sure you ask your doctor. Getting some testing done too would be a good thing.
I've never heard of a water allergy, sounds very strange considering we're around 75% water.
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I believe this is due to not having had much water, i have this problem quite often as i drink one glass of water every 3-4 days and the rest i drink Coke.
I also read that its due to having a dry throat, it can also be caused by side effects from medication.
Hope this answer helps you.

Just start drinking more water if you're not drinking much.
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