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Working with School regarding Peanut Allergy


My youngest son, 5 years old, is currently in pre-school and will be attending kindergarten this August (2014). When I went to the school (in regards to my older son), I spoke with the school nurse about my youngest's peanut allergy.
I informed the nurse that while I understand the school is not peanut free, my son cannot be around peanut products because if another child had something, didn't wash their hands and touched my son, he WILL break out in hives. I also asked if they had an allergen free table.

I was told that there was no allergen free table and my son would sit with his class. I was alittle surprised by this and asked them if this can be corrected, seeing he cannot sit near or beside children eating peanut products. The nurse informed me that I will have to speak with the school's principal, lunch director and so on. I would need to supply a letter stating the severity of my child's allergy and even then, they might not be able to accomodate an allergen free table.

What else am I going to have to go to get the school to understand this isn't just a simple allergy?
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Hello BabbleMom,

Just finished reading your comments. Peanut allergies are very concerning.
Our five year old granddaughter has a peanut allergy too. Her parents have
of course informed her teacher and principal of her peanut allergy. Their
school is a peanut free school. I'm actually a retired primary teacher.
The school where I taught before I retired had several children who had
severe peanut allergies. That school was also a peanut free school.
No peanut products of any kind were allowed in the school because of this.
There were also pictures of the children who had allergies in the office
so teacher on yard duty knew about their allergies. Several epi pens were
also kept in the school office. I would definitely make an appointment to
speak to the school principal about your son's peanut allergy. I would
get a letter from your son's doctor stating that your son has a peanut allergy
and that he gets hives when exposed to peanuts and anything other details
the doctor wishes to add to the letter. I would have the letter with you when you meet with the principal. I'm really surprised that this school isn't
peanut free. If you sense that your child's present school is not being
cooperative, there may be other schools that are peanut free that your
child could attend.  I wish you the best of luck.   Eve
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