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light headed

Im working on a new diet since I learned about my food allergies. I take vitamins and try to eat but having a hard time finding alot of food I can eat. I often feel dizzy, spacey and weak. The vitamins and food dont help anymore..Any ideas??
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     What foods did you take out of your diet? Are you getting enough salt? Iron? Can you find a nutritionist to work with you on your diet, to prevent electrolyte imbalance from mineral loss. Drink electrolyte beverages that include a good balance of sodium to potassium. And don't forget to drink enough plain water.
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Its been a hard road so far. I took out chocolate(that was the worst allergy), all milk products, wheat, rye, oat, yeast, basil, kidney beans, pinto beans, iceberg lettuce and many other minor things. I miss alot of things but the way I feel is so worth it.I still need to go to the doctor and nutritionist. I lack in alot of vitamins and minerals still. I have been taking these natural vitamins when I remember. I feel better when I wake and sleep like a log now. In time I will go get the egg sub and many other subs. Till then I eat one full meal a day and work on the rest. Day by day.....Sometimes its worth the pain to be able to eat a full meal. Thanks for the heads up.. I will work on that.
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        Do you, or did you have any gastrointestinal problems with your allergies, constipation or diarrhea? People with multiple food allergies often have a "leaky gut" from an injured intestinal tract. The injured intestine "leaks" large protein molecules into the bloodstream, causing an immune system reaction. People try to remove the offending food from their diet, only to find they become allergic to another, and then another and another and so on, until they are down to only a few foods they can safely eat.

The intestinal tract can be injured by many things - bacteria, parasites, viruses, yeast overgrowth, etc. Healing an injured gut can end some food allergies. Staying away from the offending foods is important to healing, along with adding vitamin B5 and zinc.

Many people have been able to eat normally by adding specific digestive enzymes to their diets, taking them both with and between meals. The enzymes break down the large molecules into smaller bits, and along with other beneficial actions, allow the food to be eaten with no bad reaction.

If you think this could be the cause of your allergies, there are other tests you can take to find out the probable cause of your gut injury. A Microbial Ecology Profile test can identify intestinal yeast, specific parasites, probiotic deficiency, and much, much more. Then, you can treat the CAUSE of the gut injury, heal the intestinal tract, and, hopefully, rid yourself of your food allergies.

Most doctors have not heard of "leaky gut", so you would do well to find a knowledgeable nutritionist if you want to explore this option.

Best Wishes to you,
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