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mucus in stool

my daughter is 3 months old ,she has been passing mucus in stools for about 4 weeks now and some times there are spots of blood in the mucus ,I took her to the doc but not found the cause yet
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Most of the breast-fed babies develop lactose intolerance which usually self corrects but not always if it is a cow milk or a formula milk "problem" or allergy/intolrance with some dietary ingredient. Most babies with milk allergy are allergic to cow’s milk protein, while others are allergic to soy protein, and some to both.
Breast-fed infants normally have stools that look like watery, yellow cottage cheese.  Their stools also are frequent, often occurring during or after each feeding. Breast milk stools usually are sweet-smelling as compared to the stools of formula-fed infants.
So for time being you can avoid lactose milk and can use "Alimentum milk".
where as blood spots in the stool may indicate bacterial growth which can easily be cured by antibiotics.
For further examination pls consult to your pediatrician.Hope it helps.Regards.
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One of my two children had a similar symptom for a period of time (I don't remember how long).. He had some weeks around that same age (3 months old) where his stool looked like he was passing the milk through his system.. It was self-correcting.. but you should still describe it to your pediatrician and continue to follow up with the pediatrician if it continues.
If the baby is formula fed, try a different brand of formula. Let your pediatrician know that you'd like to try a different formula, they should be supportive of it. Most formulas are nearly exactly the same, but some are slightly different. Try soy as a last resort but if soy works, keep trying to switch back to regular formula every month or so, because long-term soy use may not be healthy for babies. Advise your pediatrician of formula changes.
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