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please help - allergies getting worse

Since I was born i have had food intolerances, but as I have been growing up (I am 17 by the way), and especially in the last couple of years, they have been getting increasingly worse. Last year when flying to canada, i ended up in an oxygen mask, and in april of this year, i was taken to hospital for a shot. I have been extremely careful with what i eat, but it keeps getting worse and i am becoming intolerant of more foods. My reactions are also worsening, and even if i have a small bite of something, i get a huge reaction (whereas a year ago i would have no reaction). My immune system just seems to be getting worse and worse.

What could be causing this? and are there any solution?

thank you,
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Most food intolerance stem from a toxic-state body.  The chemicals they use for pesticides are deadly.  The hormones they put in our meat are deadly.  Go back to the basics....all natural foods.  No boxed/packaged frozen, etc.  READ ALL LABELS and know what each ingredient is.  Check to see if you have an over-abundance of yeast in your system.
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Also, no flour, no sugars unless stevia or honey.  Sugars feed yeast!
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