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skin rashes on chest of Candida?

Good day to you. Thank you in advance for reading my question and for providing me with your comment. My problem is the following. Already for quite a number of years I have a repeating problem with the symptoms of Candida Albicans. I never have been checked on it though by a MD, after reading lots about it I feel I am pretty sure I have it. Without mentioning all the symptoms, the most irritating is a returning itching rash on the top of my penis which I am treating two times a day with a substance (on description by the farmacy). Its anti fungy (sorry for the English) and it contains also hydro cortison. After about a week then the rash is gone. I have so called chalc nails and also on a few spots on my body I have a 'wetty' rash. Also a white tongue appears often. More specific there were pieces of skin touch each other like in the neck and eyes. Using the same material there for treatment helps, but the rash returns. I have used a few times this year some antibiotics for an infection (amoxicillin and also Cipro). The last one some weeks ago. During the last two years there appears so now and then a rash (without itching) on my chest and also higher on my back. It are red spots of a few mm. It looks a bit like 'marbled skin'. Not on arms or legs, but really located on chest and back. Then finally my question: is such a rash typical for a candida infection? Are the chest and back parts of the body where such a rash can appear? Could someone please reflect on this please>
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Good lord you need to do some research. You need to treat the cause, not the symptoms. Antibiotics kill good bacteria in your system that keep candida from taking over.

There are so many sites that describe candida, the cause, and cure. It would take me hours to share what I know. Stop counting on a pill, and get yourself informed- get info from multiple, credible sites. You mostly need to modify what you ingest, most likely.

Do you have candida?  Quite possibly, or some other fungus. Type a search for "Candida Quiz" and take it.
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change your diet..get on "candida diet" if you're not sure what to be eating
stop taking any meds or drugs
take "all natural and preservative free" multi vitamin, vitamin b, and calcium supplement daily
take flax fiber daily
take flax oil daily..read directions (omega 3 is crucial in your healing)
drink as much water as possible daily
get some form of steneous exercise everyday..or start with walking at least
do deep breathing (relaxation techniques..look this up) daily

do all these daily and you will be feeling better in no time..do it consistently. God bless!
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